Dauntless: Patch 1.9.4 Implements an Important Bug Fix for Chain Blades

Dauntless Patch 1.9.4
Dauntless Patch 1.9.4 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

Do you like using the Chain Blades in Dauntless? If so, you should download the latest update right away. That’s because Patch 1.9.4 implements an important fix for Chain Blades, specifically concerning the Reaper’s Dance.

The Chain Blades are a dual-wield, slashing-type weapon best known for their fast attacks, while also giving you the ability to pull yourself in to close the gap. It’s generally fun to use and it has a good selection of specials and mods you can choose from.

That said, there was a major bug with this weapon. For context, the Reaper’s Dance, one of the Chain Blades’ specials, allows you to perform a powerful spinning slam attack. This attack’s damage is greatly increased depending on how much Momentum is consumed.

Now, the bug in question is that the slam attack would only hit the air above the Behemoth and not the actual Behemoth itself. You know how frustrating it is when all that momentum is consumed and only for the attack to miss the intended target. The good news is that this bug has now been fixed. If you are a Chain Blades user, rejoice!

Aside from the major fix for Chain Blades, Patch 1.9.4 also brings new story quests and challenges every week. Be sure to head to the Orrery Camp on Crystal Island to begin.

Patch Notes

  • Sporestruck Charrogg’s poison jets now deal less damage but increase the poison meter more quickly
  • Shortened the length of the impact sound when hitting Behemoths with a Frost weapon
  • Revised the sound that plays when a Slayer becomes poisoned
  • Prevented the sound effect that plays during poison build-up from playing too frequently
  • Added a new Iceborne buff icon to differentiate the Iceborne omnicell buff from the Sturdy perk buff
  • Bladestorm, Weight Strikes, Knockout King, Barbed, and Sharpened effects that grant a bonus after dodging through an attack now correctly state that the bonus only applies to the next attack within 5 seconds
Aether Strikers
  • Updated the description of the Cyclonic Strikeplate mod to correctly indicate that it only increases part damage
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Slayers from getting close to Valomyr’s tail
  • Fixed an issue where challenge progress made during the first half of the New Dawn season was not displaying after the launch of 1.9.3
  • The Selective Slayer: Drask challenge now correctly counts kills of any Drask
Hunting Grounds
  • Patched up some holes in the ground and added more polish to Conundrum Rocks
  • Improved performance while in encounters on this island

The full patch notes can be found on the official website of Dauntless.

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