Dauntless: Patch 1.11.3 Features Two New Cosmetic Hunt Passes and More

Patch 1.11.3
Patch 1.11.3 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

Developer Phoenix Labs launched Patch 1.11.3 for the action RPG Dauntless. This update features two new cosmetic Hunt Passes that provide you with new armor and weapon skins.

The first is the Farslayer Vengeance cosmetic Hunt Pass. Players who complete this will get the traditional Farslayer armor and weapon skins. Driven away from their outpost on Arbourhome by an Agarus, the Farslayers now take sanctuary in Ramsgate. The armor skin has a green and blue theme with some tree branches on the headpiece reminiscent of their home tree.

The second is called the Divine Armor cosmetic Hunt Pass. Players who get through all 30 levels can get the radiant armor and its umbral counterpart. The radiant armor skin looks like a knight in shining armor, with small wings on each shoulder. The umbral version, on the other hand, also looks like a knight’s armor but with a darker color scheme.

Anyway, Phoenix Labs has gathered some feedback and found that new players were having trouble progressing to new islands without a significant XP grind. To address this, the company added a series of Island Adventures scattered at key points in the Hunting Grounds, allowing players to complete new quests all while on the island. Finishing these quests will reward players with some weapon experience and rams.

The other changes implemented in Patch 1.11.3 for Dauntless can be found below:

Player Card Improvements
  • Approaching a player will now show their guild tag and equipped title in the overhead player card
  • Titles in all cases will be displayed in a color matching their rarity.
  • Parts I, II, and IV for all six rumors in the series have been redesigned to remove Hand In objectives and focus more on activities that should be completed on The Blazeworks.
  • Charrogg and Sporestruck Charrogg’s back legs can now be broken again.
  • Valomyr’s back legs can now be broken again.
  • Heroic and Patrol escalation hunts now properly count towards the “On the Up and Up” achievement.
  • Quest objectives now update while on islands, no longer requiring Slayers to return to Ramsgate or visit a different island to update their quest tracker.
  • A number of objective descriptions now more clearly state the action Slayers must take to progress.
User Interface
  • Rumor quests are now marked by the correct blue rumor icon in the compass in Ramsgate.
  • The Flight of the Infinite emote now summons the wing effects at the start of the animation.

Dauntless Patch 1.11.3 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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