Dauntless: A New Variant Behemoth Has Landed in Patch 1.11.0

Patch 1.11.0
Patch 1.11.0 Phoenix Labs

The Dire Discovery season for Dauntless is now live, and with it is a new update that has plenty of things to offer. One of the highlights of Patch 1.11.0 is the new behemoth called the Lightbound Boreus.

New Boss

Ever since the discovery of the Lightbound Koshai in Dauntless, there's been a new crystal-bespeckled behemoth found on Conundrum Rocks - the Lightbound Boreus.

It possesses three abilities that players should be wary about. The first is that this behemoth can create a protective radiant shield around itself, making it impossible for players to damage the creature for a short time.

The second ability called Radiant Blast is unleashed while the Lightbound Boreus is in an aether-charged state. This not only deals a lot of damage but it can create radiant rings on the ground as well.

As if these abilities are not troublesome enough, the new behemoth can also summon minions depending on which state it’s in. When it’s becoming aether-charged, it can summon radiant spitters; when enraged, it summons radiant bombers.

Players will definitely have their hands full when fighting the Lightbound Boreus. They must get their best gears ready before fighting this new boss.

Lightbound Boreus
Lightbound Boreus Phoenix Labs

New Legendary Lantern Amps

In addition to the new behemoth, Patch 1.11.0 introduces two new legendary lantern amps in Radiant Escalation. The Winter Shrine legendary amp is available to those who have the Pangar’s Shrine lantern equipped. The user will neither consume nor regain stamina during the effect duration.

The other one is the Defiant Stone legendary amp. This is available to those who have the Skarn’s Defiance lantern equipped. The user will have their HP set to one and convert double the user’s remaining HP into shields for the duration. When the effect ends, the HP is restored to where it was before use and the amount of shields granted will be removed.

Other Changes

  • Boreus
    • Increased the size of the aether blast that Boreus creates when it becomes enraged.
    • Boreus’ legs can now damage the player during its Ram Charge attack.
  • Chronovore
    • Increased the health of Chronovore’s radiant prisons to match other radiant prisons.
    • Decreased the size of Chronovore’s radiant prisons slightly.
  • Escalation
    • Decreased the number of bombs spawned by the Broadside Barrage legendary amp from 10 to 7.
  • Fixed an issue where Heroic Valomyr wouldn’t count toward relevant objectives.
  • Fixed a number of incorrect challenge strings.
  • Fixed an issue where completing Heroic Escalations didn’t count toward relevant objectives.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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