Dauntless: Patch 1.10.5 Disables a Few Modifiers in Radiant Escalation

Dauntless Patch 1.10.4
Patch 1.10.5 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

Have you tried Radiant Escalation in Dauntless? If so, have you encountered a situation where something would impede your progress, leaving you unable to finish the Escalation? Apparently, this issue is caused by a few modifiers and that’s why they will be disabled in Patch 1.10.5, which is coming later today.

These modifiers are Unbreakable Suppression, Immortal Suppression, and Bloodless Suppression. These modifiers would sometimes break, causing the Chronovore to be immune to damage. Aside from disabling these modifiers, the developers will temporarily add some modifiers from other Escalations until this matter is resolved.

In addition, Patch 1.10.5 adds two new legendary lantern amps in Radiant Escalation. Just like in the previous update, these new amps are only available when equipping a particular lantern.

That said, the first amp in the bunch is the Eye of the Lightning Rod, available when the Drask’s Eye lantern is equipped. When used, this lantern plants two Tesla Towers that continuously fire at enemies.

The second new amp in Dauntless is called Rapture Eruption and is available if the Embermane’s Rapture lantern is equipped. This gives you the ability to cause an explosion that leaves a permanent pool of aetheric fire. It provides increased attack speed when you and your fellow slayers are within its area of effect. This pool deals damage to Behemoths when in range as well.

The other changes in this update are:

  • Koshai
    • Reduced the range of the Shadowtouched Koshai’s Spreading Corruption attack
Radiant Escalation
  • Completing Radiant Escalation can now appear as a daily challenge objective
  • Improved performance in Radiant Escalation
  • Improved a number of instances of popping in Radiant Escalation
  • Alyra can now perform a new Power Kick move to damage Slayers behind it
  • Added new visual effects to the Chronovore’s Temporal Mastication sync attack to better communicate when players are about to be captured
  • Updated the format of gathering objectives to be clearer
  • Modified many objectives to read more easily in various quests and challenge UIs
  • Objectives now correctly reference “aethercharged” Behemoths instead of Behemoths in “aether-state”
  • Adjusted fog atmospheres to improve performance.
User Interface
  • Common currency descriptions now accurately describe their sources.
Aether Strikers
  • Fixed an issue where the reticle was missing during the Adamant Bolt attack
  • Fixed an issue where some clients would crash shortly after claiming new bounties
  • Fixed a number of issues with dodge-based objectives
  • Fixed an issue where objectives that asked Slayers to complete island events wouldn’t count participation from all players

Dauntless Patch 1.10.5 is expected to go live at 1 p.m. EST.

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