Dauntless: Radiant Escalation and a New Behemoth Now Available in Patch 1.10.3

Patch 1.10.3
Patch 1.10.3 Phoenix Labs

There is some fresh content now available in Dauntless. Patch 1.10.3 introduces Radiant Escalation and a new behemoth called Alyra.

Escalation in Dauntless is a game mode where you battle against multiple behemoths without getting the chance to resupply or change equipment.

That said, Patch 1.10.3 brings the Radiant Escalation to the game. You’ll head to the Avellanian research facility and your job is to stop the Chronovore from wreaking havoc. As you fight your way through, you’ll unlock new amps, such as:

  • Crash Course is a new Squad Goals-style amp focused on Stagger damage. It brings with it an updated way of displaying Squad Amps in the chatbox.
  • Flicker is a moment of near-invulnerability granted when you unleash your lantern’s power.
  • Homefield Advantage lets you bring your banner into play. Flying your flag will generate a powerful aura for you and your team.

Aside from Radiant Escalation, there’s a new threat in Dauntless known as the Alyra. Unlike other behemoths in the game, Alyra can reshape its radiant power and create elemental glyphs that change its abilities when activated. Blaze glyphs, for example, makes Alyra breathe hot flames toward you. Alyra is an interesting one because it might pave the way for future behemoths to use a similar mechanic, making things more challenging for you from here on out.

Anyway, defeating Alyra will give you the necessary parts to craft the full range of Glyph Weaver weapons and the Spellbound armor skin set.

Alyra Gear
Alyra Gear Phoenix Labs


  • Invigorated
    • While below 50% of your maximum Stamina, gain +10/15/20/30/40/50% movement speed
  • New Chronovore-themed banner fabric and sigil rewards can now be earned by reaching Radiant Escalation talent level 25.
  • The Chronovore cosmetic armor set can now be earned by reaching Radiant Escalation talent level 25. The Chronoslayer Event Pass can still be completed by Slayers who have unlocked it, but it can no longer be unlocked
  • Elemental variants can now appear in escalations outside that of their own element
  • Behemoths in Heroic Escalation and Trials no longer have additional wound health scaling on top of their normal power levels
  • Perfectly charged axe strikes now also grant 50% damage reduction to the user, in addition to stagger immunity
  • Blinded Effect and Flashing Lights
    • Changed the blinded effect caused by Radiant Smollusks from a pure white screen to a temporary gray-scale fade effect

The full list of changes for Dauntless Patch 1.10.3 is available on the official website.

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