Dauntless: New Radiant Escalation Legendary Lantern Amps Now Available in Patch 1.10.4

Patch 1.10.4
Patch 1.10.4 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

Phoenix Labs has launched a new update for Dauntless. Patch 1.10.4 introduces new legendary lantern amps in Radiant Escalation.

The legendary lantern amps in question are Zealous Strikes and Broadside Barrage. The Zealous Strikes legendary amp is only available to those who have the Shrike’s Zeal Lantern equipped. This amp makes nearby allies strike twice with each attack when they’re within range of your Shrike’s Zeal aura.

Aside from that, the Broadside Barrage legendary amp can only be used if you have the Broadside Lantern equipped. When the said lantern is activated, a long line of bombs will be dropped at enemies that deal 2,750 damage each. It interrupts Behemoths that are hit as well.

The latest update for Dauntless also includes some quality-of-life changes. For example, a new stagger animation when Alyra’s tail is cut has been added. Besides that, Nayzaga’s hit detection is improved so that hitting and being hit by its head will appear more accurately on your screen.

Other changes implemented in Patch 1.10.4 can be found below:

  • Completing the quest Meltdown now rewards 20 Combat merits instead of 10
  • The quest Lock. Load. Repeat. now requires crafting Quillshot’s repeaters, instead of any repeater
  • The quest Scrutiny on the Bounty now unlocks only after unlocking Milestone IV: Forge and Formula in the Slayer’s Path
Radiant Escalation
  • Added speed wisps to the island
  • Changed the player animation portion of the Chronovore’s sync attack to have more weight and feel more natural. You still don’t want to get eaten by the Chronovore
  • Improved animation during Alyra’s breath attacks
  • Improved overall collision
User Interface
  • Removed the “All” and “Friend and Guild” options from the Whisper settings menu. Whispers can only be received by Epic Friends so we’ve removed the misleading settings options
  • The Middleman now appears on the compass in Ramsgate. He’s still very mysterious, though
Quests and Challenges
  • Completing Radiant Escalation during an Escalation Patrol now properly completes related objectives
  • Completing Radiant Escalations now properly progress objectives that require any escalation
  • Fixed various objective types that didn’t display as intended
  • Invigorated move speed bonus now properly resets when switching gear
  • Fixed an issue where broken trees would display an incorrect texture
  • Fixed various collision issues on The Paradox Breaks
  • Fixed an issue where some structures in Ramsgate would occasionally flicker
  • Fixed cracks in the stone floor of Ramsgate’s central plaza
  • Fixed various instances of gatherables buried underground

The full list of changes for Dauntless Patch 1.10.4 can be found here.

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