Dauntless Dark Harvest Event Features Special Rewards And Hunts

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Dauntless Dark Harvest
Dauntless Dark Harvest Bleeding Cool

Recently, Dauntless received an update that introduced a brand-new Hunt Pass. To keep the good times rolling, the game has kicked off a brand-new Halloween event called Dark Harvest. Unlike last year's Halloween event, this year slayers are presented with a variety of tasks to complete, secrets to uncover, and mysterious behemoths to slay.

The new event also introduces limited-time cosmetics, and a new vendor named Honest Ozz has shown up at Ramsgate with his unique stash of cosmetic items. To buy things from Honest Ozz, players will need a specific type of currency called Harvest Coins. These coins can be collected by finding portals in hunts, or by purchasing them from the store. Additionally, slayers will be able to take on a new hunt specific to the Dark Harvest event in five days.

Naturally, Ramsgate has also undergone a spooky change. The night sky covers the atmosphere, and carved pumpkins have lit up the city. There are also mysterious portals hidden in Ramsgate, and discovering them rewards players and their squads with a 10 percent damage buff for a one hunt. When setting out on hunts, slayers will also discover a Shrowd effigy that has a 50-50 chance to reward you with Curiosities, consumables, and event emotes, or drop an Umbral explosive ball.

Besides hunting behemoths, Dauntless fans can also enjoy a variety of costumes and emotes that were released for the Dark Harvest event. Up for grabs this year are transmog masks that are inspired by Shrowd, Rifstalker, and Shrike.

From October 29 to November 2, the Dark Harvest event will feature a special hunt and rewards. To gain access to the quest, you'll need to meet Kat, who will grant you the quest called Unseen Rituals.

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