Dauntless: Gauntlet Season 2 Has Begun in Patch 1.13.0

Patch 1.13.0
Patch 1.13.0 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

The massively multiplayer action RPG Dauntless received Patch 1.13.0 recently. This update marks the start of Gauntlet Season 2.

For those who are new to Dauntless, the Gauntlet is a challenge mode where guild members hunt five rounds of Behemoths in the ruins of old Ramsgate. Guilds can climb up the leaderboards by completing as many levels as possible. Furthermore, members can earn a single crest per five levels, which can be used to purchase rewards at the Research Lab.

Patch 1.13.0 also introduces three new themed Cells in the Research Lab. The first is called Reduce - a cell that lowers the player’s attack speed in exchange for more damage dealt. The second is Reuse, a cell that grants a small attack speed bonus whenever the player breaks one of the Behemoth’s parts. And lastly, Recycle is a cell that progressively increases the player’s damage against one body part. This bonus is lost whenever they hit the other Behemoth body parts.

Patch Notes

  • New main menu items can now be accessed with hotkeys on the keyboard.
  • Press L to open the Research Lab.
  • Press 9 to open the Mastery Screen.
  • Press 0 to open the Move List.
  • All three can be changed according to your preference in Options > Bindings.
  • The position of the Leave/Kick From Guild options in the Social menu has been changed to avoid accidental presses. In addition, these actions now have confirmation popups.
  • Attempting to overwrite an equipped weapon tracker now has a confirmation popup.
  • Fixed an issue where your glider would be stopped if another player on the same island fell off the edge of the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Training Dummy would not animate in response to hits.
  • Fixed an issue in the Blazeworks EN-AC1 (Strikers) Rumour where Koshai kills for Step 2 would not correctly progress the objective.
  • Fixed an issue where Granny Strega’s deposit reminder dialogue in the “Spore Problems” mission would play too late, after the collect/deposit phase of the mission had ended.
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue that could result in players getting stuck in the expanded loot screen after defeating a Behemoth in the Hunting Grounds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Guild tab of the Social menu to not sort players correctly.
  • The Hunt screen will no longer show quest markers against a given island if the needed behemoth only has a chance of spawning in an island event there.
  • Fixed an issue causing the number of Goals Completed to not populate correctly when viewing the interactive version of the Trials Wall of Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect placeholder string appeared if you switched between legendary weapons with and without a weapon tracker equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where items in the Reward Cache and Research Lab would reposition after purchasing once.

Dauntless Patch 1.13.0 PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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