D100 Dungeon Computer Companion Version 3: New Features and Fixes

D100 Dungeon Computer Companion Version 3
D100 Dungeon Computer Companion Version 3 Steam

D100 Dungeon Computer Companion received a major update focused on several new features and fixes. The two of the new features are the new status window and new buttons, with more details below.

New Status Window

The latest update features a new status window. It is a smaller window containing some of the most commonly referenced items, designed to reduce tabbing and make it easier for players to play on a smaller screen.

New Buttons

The developer has added these two new buttons to the Adventurer Create dialog:

  • Save and Load
  • Save and FastTrack

The Save and Load button is for saving the adventurer and automatically loads them. Similarly, the Save and FastTrack button saves and automatically loads that adventurer, but it begins the Fast Track process. The Adventurer’s Companion DLC is required for the latter, however.

D100 Dungeon Computer Companion Version 3

  • When acquiring an item and the choice is to replace an item in the belt, the existing belt item will be tested to make sure it can fit in the backpack. If not, the user will be notified and asked again where to put the new item.
  • The legacy map tiles have been recreated from the original source to clean them up.
  • When creating an adventurer, the save dialog now defaults to the last path used to load an adventurer. It also sets that path.
  • During edit mode, the edit item dialog now permits the item to be changed.
  • During edit mode some fields (e.g. Life, Fate) used to use a combo box. They now use a text input.
  • The pack monster damage adjusted message at the start of the round will only be displayed if the adjustment is non-zero.
  • When being asked for deflection, if there were no equipment choices, zero would be shown for the shield. The shield is now omitted as appropriate.
  • Before a quest has been selected and after a quest has been finished, the quest name, etc. will now be blank instead of "Dungeon Training 1."
  • Repaired a crash when adding items using edit mode before or after a quest.
  • All monsters were getting copies of the adventurer's equipment instead of just the doppelganger. This was causing the damage to monster calculations to be incorrect.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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