Crusader Kings III: New Update Lets Players Finish Iberian Struggle with Hostility Ending

Update 1.9.1 Paradox Interactive

Do you have trouble finishing the Iberian Struggle in Crusader Kings III? If so, Update 1.9.1 is a godsend because it included an option that lets you put an end to the conflict for good without jumping through hoops.

The Iberian Struggle was introduced in the Fate of Iberia DLC for Crusader Kings III. This focuses on the long-term conflict between several cultures and religions vying for dominance in medieval Spain. It's quite popular not due to the story, but because of a longstanding issue that only got resolved in Update 1.9.1.

You see, many players had problems ending the Iberian Struggle. Back then, you had to do a lot of things just to finish the campaign, such as converting all of Iberia to your chosen culture and giving a primary title outside of the de jure before passing all the vassals.

Now, you no longer have to do those things! That's because a new option has been added that lets characters involved in the Iberian Struggle take the Hostility Ending if they have full control of Iberia, and their primary title is at least a Kingdom they held for five years or more. This can be done regardless of the current phase.

This update also implemented other balancing changes including:

  • Contemplative Pilgrimages now give 25% bonus Piety instead of 50%
  • Grand Wedding Activity Option Prestige Rewards have been reduced by 25%
  • If a vassal acceptance of Tour demands now consider more factors, such as loyal/disloyal traits, opinion, honor, greed, etc.
  • Increased tyranny incurred from refusing Pay Homage by 1 to 2, and thus Vassal Opinion lost to 1
  • It's now valid to petition your liege for a fellow vassals capital title
  • Lowered Reward Prestige from Tours by 50%
  • Taxation Tours now give 50% less Reward Prestige, on top of the new 50% reduction
  • The Era cost increase for activity costs is now much sharper; unchanged in Tribal & Early Feudal, 50% higher in High Medieval, and 300% higher in Late Medieval
  • The Pilgrimage Piety bonus from the Humble or Ceremonial Options is now 100 instead of 250
  • The Pilgrimage Piety bonus from the Throng Option is now 250 instead of 500

So, what can you say about the new feature for Iberian Struggle Crusader Kings III Update 1.9.1?

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