All Hail The King As Crusader Kings 3 Is Now Available

All hail the king!
All hail the king! Paradox Interactive

Ever wondered what it means to be king? Well, wonder no more as Crusader Kings 3 is now available. With this game, players get to guide a royal house across history, govern land, and even conduct military operations. There’s also the choice to march your armies in the open to expand borders, or expand from behind the shadows.

Crusader Kings 3 offers different characters that have their own unique history along with their own personality traits. The events and options in the game are going to be based mainly on the type of lord the player chooses.

There’s also going to be a wide map that spans from Europe to Africa and even includes Asia as well as the Indian subcontinent. Players are given the chance to choose what noble house they want to play as from almost any culture. Choices can range from a Viking of Scandinavia to leading the tribes of Africa. Why not take charge of the hordes of the Asian Steppe?

As mentioned, players can choose to show force and rally their vassals by calling their men-at-arms. This is a good option when diplomacy has nowhere else to go. For those who don’t want the direct route, there’s always the choice to use diplomacy from the shadows. After all, what better way to get leverage on your enemies than by using some secret or to go for that knife in the dark.

Crusader Kings 3 also offers players the ability to enjoy a rich tapestry of courtly medieval life. This includes court spouses, hiring counselors, and even raising armies. Entertain wandering guests or even cultivate the ideal heir in order to strengthen your line. For those troublesome offspring, while not send them elsewhere? As the king, players can also send spys to scheme and pit neighboring houses against each other.

Talking about an heir, this is going to be a chance for players to determine how strong the future of their house will be and cement their power. Players can even use heirs to forge alliances and spread influence on different parts of the known world.

So what are your thoughts on this one? Are you ready to rule? Crusader Kings 3 is available for the PC at $49.99.

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