Crusader Kings 3: Friends & Foes DLC Now Available

Friends & Foes Event Pack
Friends & Foes Event Pack Steam

The Friends & Foes event pack for the grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 is now available on all platforms.

The main premise of Friends & Foes is expanding your relationships with the people in the game, including friends, family, best friends, rivals, and even nemeses. Over 100 player-driven events are added, allowing you to see how these people will react based on certain incidents. For instance, how will your best friend feel if they found out you’re dead?

This new DLC also features new events for finding and living with spouses. How will you deal with rival spouses pushing their children to be the next in line for the throne? Besides that, you might encounter a suitable partner who you must defeat in combat before she allows you to marry her.

Memories are also going to play an important role here. As they say, know the past to understand the present. Characters in Crusader Kings 3 will reminisce about those closest to them. You can find out what they’ve been through, including their childhood. On top of that, bad deeds will not be forgotten, and if you have done something wrong against rival noble houses, expect them to retaliate in one way or another. These memories can be viewed by opening the Memory Viewer in the character window.

Here are the other features you can expect from the DLC:

  • Explore the joys of friendship: share war stories with an old friend and make a new one at the bathhouse. Resist the temptations of a dead friend’s spouse throwing amorous glances your way, forgive your gluttonous best mate for eating you out of house and home, stage an intervention for a companion when they are far too fond of a drink, attempt to matchmake for a lonely confidant and attempt to ease the suffering of a friend as they pass on from this life.
  • Discover the depths of rivalry with your rivals: get into brawls on the wharf and in the pub, arm-wrestle to prove a point, burn their artifacts in front of them, wait until a bitter nemesis dies and then dig them up and defile their body to get back at them even after death. Sleep with your rivals’ offspring, or even sleep with them! Be careful of the consequences…
  • From small storylets to larger event chains, this content will weave new dramatic narratives about friendships, vengeance, feuds between houses, memories of the past, and much, much more.
  • New mood music focusing on the Middle East, the Western sphere, and some that fit regardless of where you play

Crusader Kings 3 Friends & Foes event pack is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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