Crusader Kings III: Update 1.5.1 Brings Enhanced AI and Better Coat of Arms Designer

Crusader Kings III Update 1.5.1
Crusader Kings III Update 1.5.1 Twitter/@CrusaderKings

Paradox Development Studio has launched a hefty update for the grand strategy game Crusader Kings III. Update 1.5.1 brings an enhanced AI and a better coat of arms designer.

One of the best things introduced in the Royal Court expansion is the coat of arms designer. This feature lets you create your own custom coat of arms (CoA), giving you that sense of pride whenever you play the game. The latest patch has improved the designer by adding checkboxes for flipping emblems in detail edit mode. If you’re not into this kind of stuff but interested in trying out something new, you can head to the Crusader Kings III Heraldry to download some unique designs made by the community.

The developers have also made massive improvements to the game’s AI. The AI now takes your units into account for supply situations when selecting a target province. When things go south, the desperate AI will be bolder when selecting targets near enemy units or when engaging them.


  • AI's will now leave factions more quickly when they are pleased with you as their liege
  • AI's will no longer press factions for Claimants they like if they also like their current liege a lot, with a decreasing chance at higher opinions (the AI will be less likely to press a claimant they have 80 opinion of if they have 60 opinion of their liege, for example)
  • The AI now considers Faith Hostility when selecting claimants
  • AI vassals are now more likely to offer a gift when paying homage
  • Added a Game Rule (Empire Obscurity) that makes empires that control below 20% of their De Jure counties be destroyed. This should solve empires sticking around forever as micro-realms
  • A unit stack wanting to resupply will spread out its subunit stacks into neighboring provinces even though said provinces might not allow resupplying, in order to try and avoid attrition
  • AI stops raising levies with a very small amount of troops
  • Allow units to ignore hostile attrition as a last resort when moving to a target in a neighboring county
  • Significantly improved the lighting and shadows in all throne rooms
  • Fixed CoA on shield artifacts being mirrored when displayed in the Royal Court
  • Added unique icons for all different types of inspirations
  • Added a new set of Legwear for Arabic clothes sets
  • Added unique art for the Throne of Solomon

The full patch notes can be found on Crusader Kings III’s official Steam page.

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