Crusader Kings 3 Reveals Milestones Reached Since Launch

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Paradox Interactive

It’s been a year since Crusader Kings 3 was released and since that time, it has reached some impressive milestones. For example, since launch, players have spent at least 128 million hours growing their respective kingdoms.

Data shows that these have happened:

  • 334 million children born
  • 18 million marriages and betrothals
  • 4 million characters broken by stress
  • 4 million pets petted
  • 1 million prisoners escaped

As if that’s not impressive enough, here are some of the habits and patterns that have taken shape in the game:

  • The most popular starting region is Britannia.
  • The most popular faith tenet is Warmonger.
  • The most popular lifestyle is Stewardship/Wealth.
  • Pagan religions have been reformed 1 million times.
  • The Roman Empire has been restored 190,000 times.
  • The Great Schism has been healed 220,000 times.
  • Cannibalism has been adopted 14,000 times.

In a post, Paradox Development Studio Game Director Alexander Oltner said that he still can’t believe that the game has been out for a full year. He shared that it has been humbling to watch on Twitch and read on Reddit the ways that the community has been building their dynasties. Oltner went on to say that he is excited to see what else players can come up with.

Crusader Kings 3 was launched in September 2020 and has received universal acclaim. For now, it’s only available on PC. There is, however, a plan to release versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Like the previous games in the series, Crusader Kings 3 is set in the Middle Ages. Players can start either in the year 867 or 1066 until 1453. After the release, the game received a Flavor Pack called Northern Lords. This pack introduced additional content focusing on Viking Age Scandinavia. This includes the ability to form adventurer realms, access to holy warriors and shield-maidens, unique dynastic legacies, and culture-specific events and decisions.

A new expansion is in the works titled Royal Court. This will be the first expansion to arrive in the game and offers players a customizable throne room. Read more about it here.

Crusader Kings 3 is available on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers for $49.99.

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