Crusader Kings 3 Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Good news console players.
Good news console players. Paradox Interactive

Crusader Kings 3 is finally coming to consoles, the first title in the series. It’s going to be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The Crusader Kings franchise has long been appreciated by a lot of gamers due to the deep strategy. The first in the franchise was released back in 2004, while the Crusader Kings 3 was launched in September 2020

The console version is being developed by Paradox Interactive in partnership with Lab42. In a post, Paradox shared that what made this move possible was the success of Stellaris being ported to consoles.

One of the things that console players can expect is the new gamepad support for console controllers developed from scratch. The game’s console version is also expected to make full use of what the next-gen consoles can offer like fast loading time.

PS5 players should be able to have an immersive experience with the DualSense controllers. Xbox players, meanwhile, can switch from playing the game to learning how to play it through YouTube tutorials.

In terms of the actual game, features include:

  • Character Focused Gameplay
    • Each character a player chooses comes with a distinct personality.
    • The events and options are determined by what type of person the player is.
  • Infinite Possibilities
    • Choose a noble house from different regions like Iceland, India, Finland, or Central Africa.
    • Interact with different types of characters like wandering guests, spymasters, stubborn children, and holy men.
  • Waging War
    • Raise an army and besiege enemy castles or even put down rebellions.
    • While power on the battlefield can bring great honor, sometimes strategic planning could be the road to victory.
  • Royal Marriages
    • Be sure to spread your genetic line across the world.
    • Put your royal seal on the crests of different kingdoms.
    • Marry to get power and raise children to claim new lands.
  • Saints and Sinners
    • Have faith in religious leaders or perform crimes, all in the interest of the state.
    • Get the chance to come up with a new religion or embrace heresy.

Excited yet, console players?

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