The Crew 2 Introduces A Motorpass Along With Next Week's Big Update

There's something new coming.
There's something new coming. Ubisoft

The Crew 2 is all set to release the first MOTORFLIX season on November 25. This is going to arrive with the new update, and kicks-off with Episode 1: The Chase. Gearheads are sure to be excited with the new Motorpass, which we take a closer look into today.

The Motorpass is a new multi-tiered reward system where players can progress by completing different Daily and Seasonal Challenges. It's like the season passes seen in other games like Fortnite or Apex Legends. There’s going to be a total of 50 tiers, with both Free and Premium Rewards. That said, it should be obvious that the Premium version needs to be purchased. It is optional though, so no need to worry too much about spending.

The Premium Motorpass is available for 80,000 Crew Credits. If that appears too expensive, don’t worry, as the Motorpass offers 20,000 CC as Free Rewards and another 20,000 CC as Premium Rewards. That’s a return of 40,000 CC.

Progressing through the Motorpass unlocks exclusive vehicles, vanity items, outfits, emotes, and even currency packs, among other rewards.

So what else do you need to know? Players need to complete Daily and Seasonal Challenges to unlock more goodies. How do these work? Daily Challenges can be completed throughout the game. There’s going to be five Daily Challenges that players need to finish every 24-hour period.

There’s also going to be four new Season Challenges each week that are going to be based on the theme of the current Season. However, unlike Daily Challenges, these are going to remain until the season ends.

Get a peek of the challenges.
Get a peek of the challenges. Ubisoft

Completing Challenges allow players to earn Motor Stars. The actual number awarded are going to be based on how difficult the Challenge is. To unlike a tier, players need to have 10 Motor Stars.

Each Motorpass lasts two months, and runs in tandem with the seasonal MOTORFLIX structure. Each Episode is set to have its own Motorpass, and the first one is going to be The Chase.

It’s important to know that the Motorpass is not going to replace other activities like vehicle drops or LIVE Summits. Being optional, the Motorpass is expected to complement live drops rather than replace them.

In addition, everyone can try the Motorpass since there’s going to be no Fame level requirements. In fact, even free trial players can give it a try. However, they can only get their unlocked rewards once they buy the full game.

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