The Crew 2 Is Introducing A New Format For Its Live Releases This November

Something big is coming.
Something big is coming. Ubisoft

There’s no question that the Ubisoft Forward event offered some interesting sneak peeks into upcoming games. However, the event also gave a preview of some already released Ubisoft staples. One of these was The Crew 2.

Back in June, the game celebrated its second anniversary and it was done in style. You can read more about that on our coverage here. A few weeks later The Crew 2 released its Summer in Hollywood update. The update revamped the appearance of the main menu and offered 17 new LIVE Summits.

So what’s going to happen next? The Crew 2 is going to release its next major update in November 25.

This upcoming update is going to introduce players to MOTORFLIX, a TV show production company that’s looking for people with the right driving skills. Basically, what this means is that from films, we’re going to move to TV shows.

The main difference between films and TV shows is that the latter has Episodes and Seasons. With that in mind, The Crew 2 is going to restructure its live releases. Season 1 is going to start in November and last for four months. It’s going to have two Episodes, each lasting two months. Season 2 then follows and has the same format before moving to Season 3 and so on.

In addition, each Season is going to focus on a MOTORFLIX TV show. Season1 Episode 1 is going to be titled THE CHASE.

Expect some more details to be released as the dates get closer.

September Events

Currently, the LIVE Summit is Rust and Dust, which is going to run until September 15. After that there’s going to be three more in the month which are Drifters, LA Low Riders, and Itsy-Bitsy Crazy. Both Drifters and LA Low Riders are going to offer a new vehicle, so watch out for that.

Players can also look forward to one of the LIVE Summits which is going to reward the Plymouth Road Runner Freedom Edition (1970).

The Shop is also going to have some sweet new additions like:

  • PROTO HuP ONE Burning Wheels Edition (2020) – Street Race
  • Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION X Drift Edition (2014) – Drift
  • Chevrolet IMPALA LowRider Naranja Edición (1967) – Street Race
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