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Astralis vs BIG
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The IEM Global Challenge match between Astralis and BIG concluded a while ago. The matchup between the two teams was played in a best of three series.

Vertigo was the first map pick by BIG. Astralis had an impressive 8-2 lead. Yet BIG completely switched gears the upcoming rounds and brought the match to a tie. The game went all the way to overtime, which was honestly very nerve-racking for viewers.

Dupreeh tried his best to carry Astralis on his back, but it didn’t work as BIG overwhelmed them as a group. Dupreeh stacked 40 kills in the first map, which was rather impressive. Still, the coordination and persistence of BIG allowed them to take the map with a 22-19 score. The scoreboard for BIG was evenly spread out with every member contributing to the win.

The second map was played on Dust2. Astralis was unable to meet expectations. But they put up a really good fight. Unlike the first game, Dupreeh was silent throughout the game as he only racked eight kills.

You could not deny the fact that BIG’s coordination and gun skills played a major role in their victory against Astralis. The matchup was quite exciting, though many fans expected Astralis to take the lead. At least, we got to see the clutch master Xyp9X back to clutching several rounds.

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