Core Keeper: Experimental Patch 0.3.9 Adds New Reinforcement Mechanic

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A new reinforcement mechanic has been added in Core Keeper via an experimental update. Patch 0.3.9 now allows you to extend the durability of your items by using some of the items’ crafting materials. Reinforcing provides a small stat boost as well.

In addition, it seems that the community did not like the changes to the repair system implemented in a previous update, so the developers reverted them back in Experimental Patch 0.3.9.

Now, you can repair your stuff by using scrap parts again. However, there are things that you need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need more scrap parts when repairing higher-tier items. Don’t worry, the Bearded Merchant now offers scrap parts instead of wood, so you can just head to him if you need some. Second, salvaging gives you scrap parts again rather than the salvaged item’s crafting materials.

This update brings some quality-of-life changes as well. For instance, new options can be found on the pause menu, such as the ability to turn other people into server admins, and the power to ban unruly or uncooperative players.

Patch Highlights

  • Dedicated servers are now available
  • Added scrap parts that can drop from destructibles and some enemies
  • Higher-tier hoes now cover a larger area. This works for both tilling and gathering plants in larger areas
  • Added a digging damage stat to shovels that impact how many uses it takes to dig up the ground
  • Added a Scarlet Hoe that can be crafted in the Scarlet Workbench
  • Added a Scarlet Shovel that can be crafted in the Scarlet Workbench
  • Moved the Scarlet Sword to be crafted in the Scarlet Anvil instead of the Scarlet Workbench
  • Large Watering Can now cover 2x2 tiles. More watering options coming later
  • Fishing rods no longer have durability
  • Slightly increased damage of Rune Song
  • Increased the max health of bosses
  • Azeos enrages at a bit higher health percentage
  • Added a button beside the Game ID for admins to regenerate the Game ID
  • Fixed an issue with water visuals glitching sometimes
  • Player health bar no longer blinks when other players' max health is reduced
  • Fixed placement and digging being blocked by self for a small period after moving away
  • Fixed enemies becoming invisible sometimes instead of dying
  • Fixed Recall Idol being able to consume the wrong item if switching equipped item right before teleport
  • Decreased network bandwidth usage of Azeos’ beams

Core Keeper Experimental Patch 0.3.9 is available on PC.

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