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Conan Exiles, the survival game by Funcom, received its major August 19 update. Part of this update was previously live on the Test Build, which the developer has released on the main build. It added new content including four weapon recipes, a small animal pen, and more. Several dozen bugs have been addressed as well. You can read about the added content below:

  • Blacklisting feats is now possible via settings ini file.FeatsBlacklist=("x”) extended by FeatsBlacklist=(“x”, “y”, “z”)
  • 4 new weapon recipes have been added and classified as claw weapons:
    • Bone Claws given with the Skirmisher feat at level 6
    • Iron Punching Daggers at level 13
    • Steel Punching Daggers at level 32
    • Hardened Steel Punching Daggers at level 54
  • Implemented new NPC enemy. This is for now only available in the admin panel as it is still a Work in Progress.
  • A new server setting has been added for modifying thrall damage done to NPCs. Yes, finally.
  • Frostsmithing has now been expanded to include more weapon types (Great Sword, Arrows, Maul, War-Axe, Daggers, Shield, and Spear).
  • Idle thralls and NPCs will also show sheathed weapons.
  • New weapon recipes added:
    • Steel Short Sword available at level 31
    • Hardened Steel Short Sword available at level 55
    • Steel Great Axe available at level 32
    • Hardened Steel Great Axe available at level 56
  • Added new weapon archetype: Dual Axes! Havok and Malice and Whirlwind blades are now labeled as dual axes.
  • Zath coming to Siptah. The religion teaching item for Zath will now drop during surges from T3 and T4 Zath priests on the Isle of Siptah.
  • Added Heirs of the North banner-feat teacher.
  • New server settings have been added for private servers to customize the Server Transfer feature to their needs:
    • ServerTransferEnabled (default value is false): Enables import of characters to the server. Export from the server is always enabled.
    • CanImportDirectlyFromSameServer (default value is false): Prevents players from directly importing characters that were exported from exactly the same server.
    • ServerTransferServersWhitelist : list of server addresses including ports from which players are allowed to import characters from. Turned on by adding at least one address to the list e.g., ServerTransferServersWhitelist=(“”). Does not override CanImportDirectlyFromSameServer.

The complete patch notes are available on the official site.

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