Cobalion Arriving To Pokémon Go Five-Star Raids Next Week

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Cobalion is arriving.
Cobalion is arriving. Niantic

Pokémon Go announced that the Iron Will Pokémon Cobalion is arriving to five-star raids next week. This Steel-type and Fighting-type Legendary Pokémon is said to come with a heart and body of steel. This means you should bring your best Fire-type, Fighting-type, and Ground-type Pokémon.

Cobalion arrives starting on November 4, and is available until November 26.

For those not familiar, Cobalion is part of a trio of Pokémon that has been said to challenge humans with the goal of protecting other Pokémon. These three are rarely seen apart, so players can look forward to meeting the other two soon. Before that happens, players can build up their teams to prepare for the battle.

Reunited and Returns to Raids

While waiting for Cobalion, you can take your time fighting against Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Hopefully this can fill your Pokédex. If you think you're not up to the task, don't worry since you can find Pokémon you need to counter them in the wild, and even in Eggs.

The three Regis are available starting today, November 1 at 3:00 PM EDT and will last until November 4 at 4:00 PM EDT.

Features include:

  • Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are going to be available to encounter in five-star raids.
  • These Pokémon are also going to appearing more often in the wild:
    • Geodude
    • Magnemite
    • Swinub
    • Aron
    • Spheal
  • These Pokémon is going to hatch more often from Eggs:
    • Aerodactyl
    • Shuckle
    • Sneasel
    • Skarmory
    • Snorunt
    • Beldum
  • If you're lucky enough, you may encounter:
    • Shiny Skarmory
    • Shiny Regirock
    • Shiny Regice
    • Shiny Registeel
  • Bonus
    • 2× Incubator effectiveness

Special Research Story Event

It's not all raids, as there's also going to be a Special Research story event. You need a ticket in order to take part in this event, though it doesn't have a set location. This means as long as you have a ticket, you can take part in the event regardless of where you live.

The event is available on November 2 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, in your local time zone.

Here's what you can expect from this event:

  • The Special Research story event features an early-access encounter with Regigigas, appearing in Pokémon Go for the very first time.
  • A Colossal Discovery medal.
  • Up to 10 additional Raid Passes at no cost during the Special Research story event time period when you spin a Photo Disc at a Gym.
    • These Raid Passes in not going to be available after the event period is over.
    • You cannot hold more than one Raid Pass at once.
  • A Unova Stone, a Sinnoh Stone, and an exclusive avatar pose from conducting the Special Research
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