Latest Pokémon Go Willow Report Confirms Final Team Rocket Leaders

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Latest Pokemon Go Willow Report Confirms Final Team Rocket Leaders
Apparently, there are three leaders of the team. Niantic

Just recently, the studio behind the hit game Pokémon Go officially confirmed the arrival of all three Team GO Rocket leaders. In case you did not know, they were encountered by Professor Willow and the respective Team Leaders while exploring during these so-called Willow Reports.

The first on the list is the report from October 26, when Blanche encountered Cliff. Cliff is a beefy Team GO Rocket Leader wearing an outfit accented with blue. Two days later, Sieraa found her way to the game after encountering Spark. She was seen wearing purple, yellow, and white.

The most recent addition is Arlo, who chanced upon Candela. This completes the three team leaders of Team Rocket in Pokémon Go. Meanwhile, Candela believes that the key to defeating the entire Team Go Rocket once and for all is to collect as many mysterious collections as possible. This is exactly what players have been trying to do ever since the first Willow report.

Unfortunately, though, Niantic has not revealed any gameplay details in the latest update. There is a possibility that these new gameplay features could arrive in the game soon, but they still remain under wraps. Candela just appears to have helped Professor Willow's group, allowing them to make "unbelievable progress on the Rocket Radar.” Given how things have changed in the past few days, it is safe to say that players are going to hear more about these Willow Reports in the near future.

Considering the fact that Pokémon Go players have been given reports every other day, it is also safe to assume that the next one could arrive come November 1. The latter is just a day before the "A Colossal Discovery" event, which the studio has already confirmed to take place. This is going to be Niantic's first in-game purchasable ticketed event, although it does not have any association with the Regigigias event yet.

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