Cloudpunk Patch Notes: Update Adds Safety Net and More

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Developer Ion Lands recently rolled out an update for Cloudpunk which fixes multiple bugs and adds some changes. Cloudpunk is an RPG with some futuristic elements, and the game currently has a sale right now on Steam.

Ion Lands fixed an issue where a player could get stuck between walls or the player’s perspective would be clipped into a building. This update also added a sell option, making the marketplace offers easy to access. They also added some quality levels to the game.

Cloudpunk April 28 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes for the update below:

  • Added quality levels to the option menu:
  • Simple: No dynamic shadows, low resolution textures, uses lowest detail of available objects only, no soft particles, no realtime reflection probes
  • Medium: Low resolution dynamic shadows, low shadow distance, realtime reflection probes
  • High (default): High resolution dynamic shadows, standard shadow distance, uses standard LOD bias, soft particles
  • Maximum: Higher shadow distance, renders high detail object variants much further away
  • Added an option "Run In Background" which allows to enable whether the game should keep running when out of focus (default: on)
  • Added a "Sell" button to the dialog window when trade offers are displayed. This indicates that you can sell items to this merchant. It opens the inventory where you can choose which items to sell and their prices in the details. If you haven't found out yet, merchants buy and sell items at different prices depending on where they are located. Find the ones who sell low and those who buy high to make a couple extra Lims.
  • Fixed the achievements "Above the Clouds" and "Almost like Home".
  • Fixed many spots where the player could potentially get stuck or the camera could clip into buildings.
  • Also added a safety net feature. In the rare case you would fall through the floor, you will be teleported back to the last saved spot.
  • Fixed a timing issue with the Huxley office mission.
  • Fixed and improved the timing of the Baz mission. My ears are hurting now.
  • Fixed a bug preventing area transitioning when opening the map or menu when entering vehicle ascenders.
  • Added a missing voiceover sample for Camus.

So, what are your thoughts on all the bugs that have been fixed with this patch? Have you experienced any of the bugs yourself? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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