Classic Doom And Doom 2 September 3 Update Adds Tons Of New Features

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The classic Doom and Doom 2 received a major update yesterday. The update makes several quality of life changes, improves performance, and as usual, fixes bugs. Both the games received Steam Support, DeHackEd support, Ultra-Violence+ skill levels, BTSX Episode 1 and Episode 2, and much more.

You can finally add cheat codes by using a keyboard. iOS players received controller support and updated touch controls. An optional crosshair is also available. All the changes that the update made are mentioned below. You can refer to the official site for a more detailed explanation.

Doom and Doom 2 September 3 Update Patch Notes


  • PC: Added Steam Support
  • Added widescreen rendering support
  • DeHackEd support
  • Deathmatch 3.0 in split-screen multiplayer
  • Added optional crosshair
  • PC/Switch/PS4: Added Gyro Aim
  • iOS: New touch controls
  • iOS: Added controller support
  • Android/iOS/PC: Added FPS Limiter
  • Added millisecond accurate timer
  • PC: Keyboard entry of cheat codes
  • Added secret area notification
  • Added Ultra-Violence+ Skill Level
  • BTSX Episode 1 and Episode 2 are now available in both games


  • Nightmare behavior has been fully restored to the original 1993 release by making enemies move twice as fast.
  • In honor of double speed enemies returning, the warning when selecting Nightmare difficulty has been restored.
  • Resolved an issue where lighting in split screen was not accurate compared to single player.
  • Improved behavior of additional lighting option to increase light levels more accurately across walls and floors.
  • PC/Switch: Reduced input latency by disabling rendering extra frames in advance.
  • Reduced delay in starting certain MIDI music in Add-On levels.
  • Resolved an issue from the original 1993 release where the Super Shotgun blast will linger for an extra frame.
  • Resolved an issue from the original 1993 release where the Former Human would not light up when firing.
  • Resolved a rendering issue from the original 1993 release where certain textures wouldn't tile vertically, commonly known as the "Tutti-Frutti Effect"


  • Restored original attract loop to the original 1993 release. The original title screen and credits screen are now visible between demo playback.
  • Restored cut message from the original 1993 release when picking up a medkit, while having with less than 25 health.
  • Restored cut "ouch face" from the original 1993 release for when a lot of damage is taken in a single hit.
  • Intermission screen is now shown after boss levels, instead of cutting immediately to the ending screens in order to see level completion stats and time. Par times have been added to E1M8, E2M8, and E3M8.
  • Random SFX pitch is now disabled for chainsaw sounds to allow for better looping. Random pitch variation has been reduced for other sounds.
  • Pickup sounds and player voices will no longer interrupt weapon firing sounds.
  • PS4/XB1/PC: VSync option in Video Settings to minimize input latency, at the cost of potential screen tearing.
  • Add-Ons will now use their intended custom graphics during intermission and level loading screens.
  • Latest Add-Ons appear on the top of the Downloaded list.
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