‘Clash Royale’ December Balance Changes: Tornado, Elite Barbarians And 8 Other Cards Get Buffed

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Supercell has revealed its upcoming Clash Royale balance changes coming December 15. Find out which ten cards are getting buffed, including the Elite Barbarians, Tornado spell and more! Supercell

Supercell has revealed its upcoming Clash Royale balance changes coming December 15. Find out which ten cards are getting buffed, including the Elite Barbarians, Tornado spell and more!


The folks at Supercell have been busy this fall and winter, bringing Clash Royale players all kinds of updates including new cards, tournament challenges and even its own cartoon mini-series, Clash-o-Rama featuring favorite characters from the Clash world. But even amidst all these changes, the team has remained committed to regularly assessing how gameplay is working in the arena and looking at which cards may need some balancing changes to make them more effective or balance their usage.

On Tuesday, Supercell offered a sneak peek at the upcoming balance changes set to hit Clash Royale on December 15. The changes involve nothing but buffs this go around and will affect 10 different cards. Below, we’ve put together a rundown of the upcoming card balance changes as revealed by Supercell.

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Clash Royale December Balance Changes: 10 Cards Getting Buffed

  • Elite Barbarians – this card gets a hitpoints increase of 19 percent, damage increase of 14 percent and hit speed increase from 1.5 to 1.4 sec. This card definitely needed something to make it more viable. At a cost of 6 elixir, the pair of Barbarians seemed anything but elite. Hopefully these buffs will make them a more useful pair of troops to deploy.


  • Tornado – this card’s radius is increased by 10 percent, plus gets stronger pulling power. I’m a little ambivalent about the changes to this card. I’ve seen it used pretty effectively and increasing its radius seems like it might make it a bit “too” powerful. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • Inferno Dragon – this card gets a hitpoints increase of 5% and re-targets act 0.4 sec quicker. The Inferno Dragon is definitely nothing to blink at, but like the Prince, if you are prepared for it, it is relatively easy to combat . It’ll be interesting to see how the hitpoints increase affects this card as it already comes across pretty strong when it reaches a target.


  • Balloon – this card gets a massive death damage increase of 105 percent, while the death damage explosion radius also gets increased 50 percent. I have very rarely used the balloon because it moves so slowly and rarely comes close enough to a target to do the damage I hope for . While this balance change looks huge, I definitely has me interested in trying out the balloon in a new deck Thursday.


  • Wizard – this card gets a hit speed increase to 1.4 sec from 1.6sec, but his initial attack is 0.2 sec slower. This card needed a boost of some kind . It will be interesting to see if the hit speed increase makes enough difference to be useful.


  • Giant Skeleton - This card’s damage is increased by eight percent. According to Supercell, this card doesn’t get much play in the lower arenas and so the boost is about increasing his usefulness there.


  • Lumberjack – this card gets a Hitpoints increase of six percent. Honestly, I rarely see this card used at all. It is a difficult one to manage and timing is truly key. Increasing his robustness will hopefully make him more useful to anyone lucky enough to have him in his or her deck.


  • Bomber – this card gets a damage increase of four percent. According to Supercell, “this change will allow the Bomber to one-shot Archers, which should make room for him in some decks.” For me personally, the bomber was one of my favorite cards in arenas six and below. I have had a hard time using him in the upper arenas though. I ’ m hoping the added “ oomph ” will make him a regular part of my deck again.


  • Mortar – this card gets a boulder explosion radius increase of 11 percent to give it bigger splash damage without making it too powerful.


  • Mirror – this card is being reverted back to its previous power of creating max level +1 cards when upgraded to level 8.
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