Clanfolk Now on Steam Early Access

Survive with the clan.
Survive with the clan. MinMax Games

The medieval colony sim Clanfolk is now available on PC via Steam Early Access; it's set in the Scottish Highlands where players need to harness the environment to survive. Right now, there's a special promotion where the game is being offered at a 10% discount until July 22.

In this game, players start with an empty plot of land along with their closest family. Players slowly learn how to survive as they establish their hearth and home while watching over the livestock, harvesting the fields, and of course, fighting the bitter winter. There are different ways to progress like turning a fledgling settlement into a bustling inn or even a central trade hub. Those who want a simpler life can build a prosperous and self-sufficient homestead.

Key features of the game include:

  • Family Legacy
    • Create a precise lineage or choose from an existing clan.
    • Manage schedules to be sure that everyone is well rested, well fed, and reasonably happy without risking the family's preparedness for when the harsh winter inevitably settles in.
    • Every member of the family has their own traits, aspirations, dreams, and skills that help determine what they do best.
  • Changing Seasons
    • Each season presents its own challenges and opportunities.
    • Soil conditions change and various factors have an impact on how well the crops grow.
    • The environment presents constant challenges.
  • Place to Call Home
    • From sleeping in the dirt under the night sky to constructing properly ventilated houses and barns made of brick and stone, players can unlock new materials to use and items to craft every step of the way.
    • Technological advances happen naturally over time as players work the raw materials the land gives them.
    • Maintain complex and realistic production chains across the seasons, prioritizing tasks and setting crafting quotas and requirements.
  • Beyond Your Kin
    • Trading posts attract members of other clans peddling useful goods and seeking to purchase wares for themselves.
    • Reputation with another clan determines the types of goods their traders bring.
    • Each clan specializes in its own products, and the right friends can ensure survival.
    • Travelers seek lodging as they pass by the homestead. Players can choose to provide them shelter.
    • Particularly happy guests may extend their stay or pay good coin.
    • ​Workers from other clans arrive at job boards from time to time seeking an opportunity to earn money in exchange for their labor.

Get Clanfolk on Steam.

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