V Rising: 2 Million Units Sold Since Start of Early Access

A big congratulations is in order.
A big congratulations is in order. Stunlock Studios

It hasn't been long since V Rising was launched on Early Access. In fact, it's just been a little over a month. Since then, the game has been getting a lot of love from players and the latest milestone reveals it has sold 2 million units. In addition, it currently has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam from more than 32,000 reviews, as of this writing.

In a statement, Stunlock Studios CEO Rickard Frisegård shared that they are happy with what the game has accomplished since it became available on Early Access. He added that their goal has always been to offer the best vampire game possible and it seems that they are on the right track. Frisegård went on to say that they are working to reward players with a new and groundbreaking survival experience.

V Rising was released on Steam Early Access on May 17, 2022, with a price tag of $19.99. There is also the V Rising + DLC Bundle, which has the base game, soundtrack, and the following:

    • The Immortal King’s Drape, Cloak, and Mantle
    • The Immortal King’s Greathelm
    • The Royal Coffin
    • The Royal Throne
    • The Royal Pattern stone floors
    • The Royal Gate castle doors
    • Interior Royal Walls wallpaper
    • Interior Royal Walls Pillar wallpaper
    • Exterior Royal Walls wallpaper
    • Exterior Royal Walls Pillar wallpaper
    • Glass Window: Royal Red & Black
    • Glass Window: Royal Black & Red
    • Royal Carpets
    • Royal Braziers with Orange, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, and Purple flames
    • 3 unique variants of Shapeshifting Forms:
      • Wolf Form Variant: The Stygian Wolf
      • Bear Form Variant: The Stygian Bear
      • For the master of disguise, Grandma Form
    • 27 different Gargoyle Statues, including Granite, Marble, and Black Marble variants of the:
      • Dueling Gargoyles
      • Lurking Gargoyle
      • Crouching Gargoyle
      • Pleading Gargoyle
      • Pondering Gargoyle
      • Roaring Gargoyle
      • Agonized Gargoyle
      • Victorious Gargoyle
      • Challenging Gargoyle
    • 6 different Gargoyle Ornaments to hang off pillars, including:
      • Gargoyle Vigilant
      • Gargoyle Apologist
      • Gargoyle Sentinel
      • Gargoyle Supplicant
      • Gargoyle Protector
      • Gargoyle Diplomat
    • 16 different Vampire Accessories to enhance the vampiric style:
      • Mask of Jewels
      • Pure Golden Half-Mask
      • Horned Silver Half-Mask
      • Human Ivory Half-Mask
      • Black Leather Eye Patch
      • Emerald Lens Glasses
      • Elegant Bifocals
      • Inventor's Frames
      • Scholar's Monocle
      • Wing-Tipped Glasses
      • Half-Moon Spectacles
      • Oni's Jaw Mask
      • Mannequin Doll Jaw Mask
      • Golden Beast Jaw Mask
      • Confessor's Blindfold
      • Black Lace Veil

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