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Time to get things done.
Time to get things done. HeroCraft PC

There are many management sim games out there but Anvil Saga hopes to stand apart by mixing RPG elements. In this game, players take control of a blacksmith shop during the Hundred Years' War and each decision not only has an impact on the story but also on the gameplay. The game is now on Steam Early Access, offered at 10% off until June 29.

During early access, players get to access the first 20 days of the main story, around three to six hours of content. There are some unusual and complex customer orders, so watch out for those. Players can also access the sandbox mode where they can forge items and expand their smithy.

If you want to know more about this game, features include:

  • Build the smithy of your dreams
    • Construct new rooms and underground facilities to expand the shop and take more challenging orders.
    • Each room has to be outfitted with the appropriate furniture and décor.
  • Make decisions and deal with the consequences
    • Customers, relationships, and decisions all matter.
    • Maintain reputation with conflicting factions, especially since each one offers protection and bonuses.
    • The way orders are fulfilled and how each faction is dealt with has an influence on the game world.
    • It can lead to fun, tragic, or even bewildering outcomes.
  • Become a renowned craftsman
    • Manage orders and increase prestige level to attract the rich and the famous.
    • Keep an eye out for unique orders that pay a premium.
  • Forge a team of professionals
    • Take charge of employees that have different skill sets, salary levels, needs, and personalities.
    • Be sure to keep employees happy by building special facilities, installing amenities, and even decorating their rooms.
  • Equip workers with special tools for them to work faster.
    • Help workers improve their craft by adding new books to the library.


The early access roadmap revealed the upcoming three updates before the game exits early access. Here's what players can look forward to:

  • Update 0.5
    • Story Mode: Chapter 1 Finale – the Fair
    • Side quests
    • All Modes:
      • New worker traits
      • New special customer orders – each one will be a real challenge for Arthur and his workers
  • Update 1
    • Story Mode: Days 21-40 of Story Mode
    • Chapter 2 Finale
    • All Modes:
      • Faction contracts – bulk orders for several items which allow players to earn coins and change their reputation with various factions in the game.
      • New special customer orders.
      • New smithy expansion opportunities – additional counter levels will open up, along with access to the sharpening wheel, library, and worker training by reading books.
      • New game mechanics: woodworking and wood harvesting.
      • New worker traits.
  • Update 1.5
    • All Modes:
      • Side quests to diversify the game and further challenge Arthur's blacksmithing skills.
      • New special customer orders.
  • Full release
    • Story Mode, Chapter 3:
    • Days 41-60 of Story Mode.
    • Story Finale.
    • All Modes:
      • New game mechanic: wood carving.
      • New side quests.
      • More special customers.
      • More worker traits.

Get Anvil Saga on Steam.

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