Civilization VI Adds Tamar Of Georgia To Rise And Fall Expansion

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Tamar leads Georgia in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall.
Tamar leads Georgia in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall. (c) Firaxis, 2K Games

Firaxis’s latest addition to the Civilization VI pantheon of civilizations is Georgia, led by Tamar. Born around 1160, Tamar was a strong patron of the arts who “left [Georgia] larger, more powerful and sure of its cultural identity” after her death. Canonized as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox religion, she remains a national symbol for the Georgian people today.

Georgia’s unique Civ ability is called “Strength in Unity.” When Georgia’s era enter into a Golden Age, you receive an additional bonus on top of your Golden Age bonus. This makes it easier for Georgia to achieve and maintain Golden Ages throughout the game.

Tamar’s unique Leader ability is called “Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith.” Tamar can declare a Protectorate War after gaining the Theology Civic. Her troops gain bonus Faith for a short period in the Protectorate War’s opening turns. Georgia also gains more religious bonuses: she gets extra free Envoys when sending Envoys to City-States of her majority religion (which means that one Envoy counts as two).

Georgia’s Unique Structure is called the “Tsikhe,” a Georgian fortress and a replacement for the Renaissance Walls. Unique to the Georgians, it raises the strength of your outer defenses to the highest level while at a lower production cost than Renaissance Walls. It also provides Faith. Once you advance to the Conservation Civic, you benefit from tourism as well.

Georgia’s Unique unit is “Khevsureti,” named after Georgia’s Khevsureti territory. This melee warrior gets a Combat Strength bonus on hilly terrain and ignores all hill movement penalties.

Tips for Georgia include building cities in hilly terrain in order to fully take advantage of the Khevusreti bonuses in hilly terrain. High walls make for a strong defense against invasion. Tamar is fierce, but pious gaming style lends itself well to versatile play, meaning you’ll be able to excel at any victory type.

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