Civilization 6 Rise And Fall Expansion: 3 New Civs & 7 New Features

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Civ 6: Rise and Fall
Civ 6: Rise and Fall (c) Firaxis

Firaxis announced the latest expansion for Civilization VI, titled Rise and Fall, scheduled to launch on Feb. 8. The new expansion offers a slew of new features, including several recently-announced new civilizations. First, let’s take a look at some of the new features on offer:

  • The Great Ages: Progressing to a new era means your civilization can enter a Golden Age, Dark Age or Normal Age based on your Era score. No matter which era you pick, you can choose a Dedication which sets a focus on your civilization moving forward and provides bonuses for that focus. Dedications are somewhat dependent on the era you’re moving into. Each era offers four Dedications which overlaps with multiple options across multiple eras. While a Dark Era might seem like a handicap, leaping from a Dark Era to a Golden Era means entering a Heroic Age that lets you select three Dedications instead of just one, so as always, play the long game, folks.

  • Loyalty : Each city has a Loyalty rating to your civilization. If the percentage drops too low, it will have revolts, lower yields and eventually even announce independence, which means it’s possible for another civ to gain its loyalty instead. City loyalty is affected by the Age of your civilization and spills out into neighboring cities by other civs. Loyalty will make forward settling harder as well, since you’ll need to secure your city’s loyalty thoroughly before moving forward.

  • Governors : Each civ can recruit up to seven governors. Each of them is named, with different specialties. They all start out at a basic level but have five promotions that can be unlocked by spending Governor Points accrued through play.

  • Enhanced Alliances : Previously, there hasn’t been much incentive to maintain alliances with other civs for an extended length of time, but that changes in Rise and Fall. You can now choose a particular type of alliance, from research to economic, that provides boosts to your trade routes and relationship with a given civ. The longer the alliance continues, the greater the boost. There are five different alliance types with three levels each.

  • Emergencies: These are triggered after world-altering events such as a nuclear bomb being dropped or a Holy City being sacked. Various other civilizations are invited to come together and do something about it. They’ll receive a bonus for the rest of the game for carrying out their objectives; alternatively, the defending civ will receive the bonus if they successfully defend against this global onslaught. This serves to loop isolationist civs into the global conversation one way or another.

  • Timeline: This smaller feature lets you take a look at your civilization’s history and all its major moments so far.

  • 8 New Civilizations and 9 New Leaders: One civ will have two leaders to choose from.

We already know what some of the new civilizations will be:


Leader: Genghis Khan

Leader Unique Ability: Mongol Horde: All cavalry class units are stronger, and have a chance to capture defeated cavalry units.

Unique Ability: Ortoo: Starting a trade route immediately creates a trading post in the destination city, increasing your diplomatic visibility with its owner

Mongolian Units: Gain combat strength against their opponents for each level of diplomatic visibility

Unique Improvement: Ordu: Replaces the Stable. All cavalry class units trained in a city with an Ordu receive extra movement.

Unique Unit: Keshig: Ranged cavalry class unit that outranges enemy forces. Allows any unit in formation with it to share its movement speed.


Leader: Queen Wilhelmina

Leader Unique Ability: Radio Oranje: Trade Routes to her own cities strengthen the Loyalty of the starting city. Trade routes to or from foreign cities provide her with Culture.

Unique Ability: Grote Rivieren: Building Campuses, Theater Squares and Industrial Zones next to a river awards major adjacency bonuses. Completing a Harbor grabs available adjacent tiles.

Unique Improvement: Polder: Placed on water tiles with sufficient adjacent coastline, these improvements provide Food, Production and Housing. Polders gain additional bonuses with later Civics and Technologies.

Unique Unit: De Zeven Provincien: A war ship with increased Ranged and Combat strength. Receives an additional bonus when attacking defensible districts.


Leader: Queen Seondeok

Leader Unique Ability: Hwarang: Provides bonuses to both Science and Culture in all cities with an established Governor.

Unique Ability: Three Kingdoms: Mines receive bonus Science and farms yield bonus Food if built adjacent to a Seowon.

Unique Improvement: Seowon: Replaces the Campus. Must be built on Hills. Gets a fixed yield of Science, but for every District built next to it, this yield is reduced.

Unique Unit: Hwacha: A ranged unit much more powerful than its Renaissance-era counterparts. Cannot move and attack in the same turn.

Any guesses on the next civs to be revealed? Feel free to discuss all things Civilization VI: Rise and Fall in our comments section below.

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