Civ 6 Rise And Fall Deluxe Edition Adds The Cree, Led By Poundmaker

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Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI.
Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI. (c) Firaxis

Firaxis has released a first look at another new civilization for the upcoming Civilization VI expansion Rise and Fall: the Cree, led by Poundmaker, or Pitikwahanapiwiyin, a chief during a time of crisis for the Cree people. “Deeply committed to both peace with the Canadian government and the preservation of his people, he negotiated impossible choices, only to be wrongly accused and tried for treason,” reads the official Civ site’s summary of the Cree tribe’s leader.

(In case you were wondering, he was called “Poundmaker” because he was a highly skilled bison caller, or man who drew bison into pounds.)

The unique ability of the Cree is called “Nihitaw,” which is one of the names the Cree use to identify themselves (it means “Woodland Cree”). They receive their first Trade Route when they research Pottery. The first time a Trader moves into an unclaimed tile within 3 tiles of a Cree city, that tile is claimed.

The Cree’s unique improvement is the Mekewap, a long-term shelter for the Cree. The Mekewap provides Housing and Production, as well as Gold when adjacent to a Luxury Resource and Food when adjacent to Bonus Resources.

The Cree’s unique unit is the Okihtcitaw, loosely translated as “warrior.” The Okihtcitaw were the sons of chiefs who protected the tribe when it traveled, kept order when it settled and policed buffalo hunts to make sure everyone started at the same time. This recon unit replaces the Scout, but receives a free promotion and has additional Combat Strength.

Poundmaker’s unique Leader ability is Favorable Terms, based on his goals of living in peace with surrounding tribes and governments. All Alliances provide shared visibility, and external trade routes grant additional Food when trading with cities with Camps and Pastures. The trade route recipient receives additional Gold per Camp or Pasture.

The Cree excel in creating and maintaining high-level alliances, which enable them to achieve both economic and political success. Traders will also prove invaluable to extending your empire, especially if you research Pottery right away.

For more information on Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, check out three of the new civs (Korea, Mongolia and the Netherlands) as well as nine new features here. Details on the newly-announced leader for India can be found here.

What else are you hoping to see in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall when it launches on Feb. 8? What new features are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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