Citystate II: Update 1.1.4 Adds New Biomes and Difficulty Settings

Update 1.1.4
Update 1.1.4 Steam

The modern realistic city-building simulation Citystate II has a new patch that you want to download right away. Update 1.1.4 adds new biomes and difficulty settings that make the game a lot more challenging and interesting at the same time.

New Biomes

Developers of Citystate II now provide you with arid and temperate biomes depending on where your nation is located. If your nation is situated closer to the north, you’ll have a temperate climate complete with spruces and yellow oak trees. If you head south, the climate is desert-like where palm trees and cactuses are quite common. The devs have added six new trees with this update as well.

Don’t worry though, if you prefer the existing biome (which is the subtropical climate), you can just set your nation up at the center, at the lower altitude.

New Difficulty Settings

There are three new difficulty options you can choose from. Easy mode is what you want to use if you just want to get the hang of the game. You’ll start with $100,000 with a taxable income of +30% and an approval rating of +20 points.

The normal mode is the one you want to choose for more balanced gameplay. This means that building your nation is not too easy, but not too challenging as well. You’ll have a starting balance of $50,000, a taxable income of +15%, and an approval rating of +5 points.

If you’ve got what it takes to be a city-builder despite all of the challenges, then the Realistic mode is for you. Starting balance is set at $20,000 with zero taxable income and no approval points.

Citystate II
Citystate II Steam

Patch Highlights

  • Increased minimum and maximum limits of the demands (the UI bars have the same maximum bounds but the values themselves can exceed their representation; the minimums have been changed both visually and in the data)
  • When a residential building is now abandoned or destroyed: 70% of the inhabitants are added to the demand of the class below, 20% are added back to the same class demand and 10% leave the city. When a slum despawns, 100% of the occupants are added to the lower class demand. The city's population will no longer collapse!
  • Roads with trees can no longer absorb all pollution emitted by traffic
  • Bus stops and train stations now increase nearby land value
  • You can now build bus stops and stations on roads with trees
  • Added a fix to infinite loading screen when launching the game
  • Graphic settings were still not loaded correctly in city view and details distance settings were not applied immediately

Citystate II Update 1.1.4 is now available on PC.

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