Citystate II: Update 1.1.3 Prisons and Gulags, Balancing Changes

Citystate II Update 1.1.3
Citystate II Update 1.1.3 Steam

Citystate II is a modern city-builder simulation game that offers realistic urban systems centered on civic and economic matters. Update 1.1.3 has been launched that introduces prisons and gulags and some balancing changes.

New Content

There are new buildings that you can construct in your city, thanks to this update. The first of which is the prison, a facility to increase your security and civil rights provided that it is not overcrowded. By default, the prison has a small population of 0.075%, but this rate increases when income inequality is higher or there’s lower economic freedom.

The second is the gulag, which generates revenue based on the number of prisoners it has. Do keep in mind that while you can earn money by having this facility up and running in your area, it decreases the civil rights index.

The third and final building introduced in this patch is the Rehab Center. Although it is more expensive to build than prisons, this facility gives you a bonus on civil rights.

Update 1.1.3 Highlights

  • Summary of policies: displays total effects from all active policies (in the legislation panel)
  • Inflation breakdown now displayed in the budget panel too
  • Overhaul of UI panels
  • 2 new 4x4 parks
  • Chinese Localization
  • Education has a greater impact on the industry. Inflation has a lesser impact on the industry. Unemployment and demands have a lesser impact on inflation
  • Increase tax income from residential buildings, decrease tax income from businesses (so sudden changes of the unemployment rate has a lesser effect on budget income)
  • Added an extra equation to help stabilize a bit the total tax income from businesses when the unemployment rate is high (not realistic but making it easier to handle economic crisis)
  • In bigger cities, buildings were too rarely being abandoned. Speed of decay increased
  • Commercial and Industrial buildings can now also decay because of insufficient land value, power, or water shortages.
  • Decay for insufficient land value only happens if the value is less than half of the desired value (colored in red in the census tool)
  • Buying currency and printing money has less impact on the exchange rate
  • Increased effect of education on the social ladder (+33%)
  • Immigration: Increased Airport Capacity. Decreased civil rights score wanted by migrants
  • Maximum property tax is now 10%. Effect on approval rate and land value decreased

Citystate II Update 1.1.3 is now available on PC.

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