Citystate II Update 1.1.2 New Buildings and Balancing Changes

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Citystate II received an update after nearly two months. Update 1.1.2 brings new content like the Carbon Capture Building, which is said to reduce pollution surrounding it. The developers have also added five new growable buildings: the low-income stage 1, middle-income stage 7, upper-class stage 6, office stage 4, and office stage 5. These growable buildings will only develop in areas that are zoned by the players and meet the criteria.

That’s not all. This update also comes with several balancing changes. One graphical change is that the shadow resolution has been doubled. This will make the building shadows and other shadows look more realistic. However, it can utilize a lot of processing power. So, if you have an old machine, you might want to lower this setting.

Citystate II Update 1.1.2

  • Edenium: a sort of sect that increases the birth rate but not religiousness.
  • Custom density zones (to set the exact max stage a building can reach).
  • Including special characters or leaving a space at the end in your Nation or City's name was leading to saving errors. Conflicting characters are now blocked.
  • Stability was reset to 100 after reopening a city.
  • Screen resolution was not being saved.
  • Stats in news feeds were missing a space.
  • Fixed GDP per capita displayed in stats and Nation (x10).
  • The pollution layers were showing very polluted tiles as non polluted.
  • Road intersection tiles were not displaying data on the traffic layer.
  • Riot messages were always stating "the riot is destructive" even when not.
  • Immigration and policies now take a longer time to influence political affiliations.
  • New birth rate computation: religion, education, and policies have less impact, health has more impact, default base rate increased.
  • Doubled tax income from arcologies.
  • Multiplied by 3 the effect of airports on neighbor cities' immigration caps.
  • Traffic layer now displays rail track usage.
  • Doubled max limit when leveling terrain.
  • Decreased frequency of fires.
  • Slight decrease of riots frequency.
  • Buildings now evolve faster in larger cities (up to 2x if > 250k pop).
  • Further increased the positive effect of trees on pollution (x10) and slightly increased the pollution emitted by traffic and factories.
  • Pollution now affects terrain color and propagates a bit farther.
  • Religious buildings now have a small monthly upkeep cost.

You can read more about the update here.

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