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A new month is here and that means new updates are coming to Square Enix mobile titles, which include Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.

Players get to experience new main story content, which is the thrilling conclusion of the Bestower of Fame storyline. Sazantos, Hugo, and the Ringbearer Chosen are in pursuit of False God to stop her devious plans. They'll need to get to Berecain, where the descendants of a fallen kingdom live, but they'll have to go through the Valley of Death.

This month's update also adds two new characters to the party. The first is the Wind-elemental hunter Chloe who's equipped with a multi-hit bow and devastating wind attacks. The second one is the Fire-elemental merchant Nona who can do stunning single-target damage.

To help players go through the early stages of the game's story, extra tasks have been added. Those who complete these tasks get rewards like 10 Traveler's Sacred Seals, 120 Gold Guidestones, and more.

Join the Celebration

It's the third anniversary of Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe and players get to take on new Countdown Quests and get thousands of Jewels courtesy of login bonuses. There are also new limited-time Styles added. This offer runs until June 30.

They can also head over to the third anniversary website and join the month of community activities to obtain in-game rewards and connect with many SaGa series fans.

New Collaboration

Fans should also be happy to know that Final Fantasy VIII heroes are joining Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Get the chance to summon none other than Sorceress's Knight Squall (Neo Vision) that comes with a beautiful CG limit burst along with SeeD Blue Mage Quistis (Neo Vision).

A Sorceress's Knight Squall Discounted Step-Up Summon is also available until June 14. Players can get one NV unit guaranteed on step four. Perform this summon to obtain NV Exchange Ticket (Sorceress's Knight Squall) from each summon and collect 20 NV Exchange Tickets (Sorceress's Knight Squall) to exchange for the featured unit.

Other Updates This Month

  • A Legendary Villain Arrives
    • June also sees a collaboration between War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy VI.
    • None other than the antagonist Kefka joins Terra and Celes as a summonable character.
  • A New Warrior
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia welcomes Reks of Final Fantasy XII to the playable cast.
    • This loyal Dalmascan knight who fights for family has his weapons featured in draws until June 14.
  • Crossover Events
    • The First Adventure of Dai Crossover Event Revival runs until July 12.
    • During the event, players can challenge event quests based on the world of the anime series Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.
    • It features an original story starring characters such as Dai and Popp.
    • Recruit event-exclusive characters Maam and Baran until July 12.
    • Players can head out for another adventure with Dai and friends starting June 5 in Dragon Quest Tact as part of the Second Adventure of Dai Crossover Event.
    • Recruit S-Rank character Dark Armor Spear Hyunckel and get limited items by collecting Second Adventure of Dai Medals to swap for amazing rewards.

The titles mentioned are available on Android and iOS.

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