What's Happening on Square Enix Mobile Titles This May

A lot things happening this month. Square Enix

This May, mobile titles from Square Enix are getting exciting new updates and events. Today, we'll look at each of them starting with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and its ongoing crossover with Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion.

Players can look forward to summoning not only SOLDIER operative Young Hero Zack but also his mentor Angeal as new Neo Vision Units. Players can get the Young Hero Zack from the Young Hero Zack Discounted Step-Up Summon where they're also guaranteed one NV unit on step four. This is valid until May 17.

This crossover also brings new Vision Cards:

  • "Our Memento"
    • Players can obtain this card by awakening Young Hero Zack to EX+3.
  • "A Little More Important"
    • Players can obtain this card by awakening Angeal to EX+1 and EX+3.

Get New Weapons

Moving on to the next game, players of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia can get new weapons for Aerith and Zack from Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion. They get the chance to draw Aerith's BT and Zack's FR weapons and their costumes, with the latter available on sale until May 11.

Plus, players should be happy to know that Quina from Final Fantasy IX, has been added to the playable roster of characters. Recruit Quina and get the chance to obtain this new character's featured weapons.

New Boss Battle

For the mobile tactical RPG Dragon Quest Tact, everyone is invited to the True Dragon Quest IV Event where they can challenge none other than Aamon in a new and high-difficulty Boss Battle. Those who can clear three difficulty levels of this limited-time Boss Battle can get one or more of the event-exclusive S-Rank weapons along with other rewards. The event ends June 4.

The Shiny Black Malini Campaign is still ongoing and players simply need to log in during the event period to get one free character from a pool of characters that made limited-time appearances in the past. This campaign ends May 21.

There's also an ongoing promotion where players can go to the in-game Home screen and claim the 2023 Catalog Gift Ticket. This can be redeemed for selected items from the 2023 Catalog Gift Swap Shop. This promotion ends June 4.

Fan Event

The dev team of War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is heading to LA for the first ever in-person event, the WOTV FFBE Global version. It's going to be on June 25 with members of the team set to interact with fans. Learn more about the fan event.

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