Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Adds Online Storage Functionality

New content are here.
New content are here. Bandai Namco

Good news sports and anime fans! The latest update of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has brought online storage functionality. There’s also new content like the five new hairstyles at the CC Shop.

For Patch 1.30, let’s start with new game additions. First, players can now try the Hanawa MS Route for the "Episode: New Hero." Three new players have been added though you need to buy them at the shop. The new characters are:

  • Pepe
    • Background: Born to a poor family in Brazil, he dreams of becoming a pro player to help his family.
    • Ability: Wild Shot is a skill that has outstanding base power.
  • Xiao Junguang
    • Background: Born in China, he came to the US with his grandfather to watch a tournament.
    • Ability: His counter move, Superspeed Kickback Cannon, increases the power move of the shot by kicking the opponent's shot back.
  • Taichi Nakanishi
    • Background: Goalie and captain of Naniwa MS.
    • Ability: Despite his large size, his Super Saving technique allows him to react instantly to the shot of the opponent.

Balance Changes

The new patch also made these changes:

  • Blake Dribble
    • Blake Dribble's effect On Success/Chain Success has been adjusted.
  • Balance Changes to Captain Skill Aztec Warrior Counter
    • Stats raised when activating Aztec Warrior Counter were found out to be higher than expected and thus have been adjusted.
  • Shot Move Cost Changes
    • The cost for some Shot Moves has been adjusted.
    • The Affected Shot Moves are:
      • Razor Shot
      • ☆ Double-Bladed Razor Shot
      • ☆ Falcon Shot
      • ☆ Neo Drive Shot
      • ☆ Miracle Overhead
      • ☆ Banana Shot

Online Storage

The update now lets players save Custom Players and Custom Teams in online storage. A total of eight Custom Players and five Custom Team slots are available for free.

The development team assured players that they are planning to add more slots in the future, though they are paid slots.

So how can you save a custom character to the game’s online storage? You must first finish Episode: New Hero in The Journey. Once done, you should be able to save online using the Custom Player section. However, to make this happen, you need more than 20 local edit characters to save the new character online. Otherwise, it’s going to be saved locally until you exceed the maximum limit of locally registered characters.

Learn more about how to go about it here.

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