Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Introduces Three New Characters

Get to train from the best.
Get to train from the best. Bandai Namco

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is bringing three new characters to the game. They’re introduced as part of the game’s first DLC. These new characters will appear in the “Battle of World Youth” story arc. They even have their own unique characteristics that players can learn.

The first is Stefan Levin of Sweden. This classy character really loves to play soccer. This is shown in his playstyle and his Shot Move's fill up speed. One of his moves, Aurora Feint, allows him to get through opponents. It also makes his Shot Move fill up even faster. The combination more than guarantees that his finishing move is truly deadly.

Next is Thailand’s Singprasert Bunnaak. Described by many as a defensive fortress, his use of Muay Thai gives him a significant advantage over his opponents. His excellent strength lets him lower the abilities of opponents, especially after blocking a slide tackle. Then, there's the Muay Thai jump kick that allows him to kick the ball over his opponent. The combination of his abilities is exciting to try. Not only for experienced players but even for newbies.

The third player to join the game is Ricardo Espadas of Mexico. Unlike the first two players, Espada is a goalkeeper. His motto: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. As a goalkeeper, he offers various counter-attacking skills and shines more when he catches a shot. He can even join an attack to surprise opponents. Espadas is a character that is best suited for more experienced players.

Besides these three characters, players will get the chance to play side by side with the Otomo Middle School Team. They can have a rematch against Nankatsu. There are also changes in some mechanics, like Team gauge and Appeal Command.

A new feature, Assist Mode, will later arrive this month. This feature makes the game more accessible, particularly to those having difficulty going from one level to the next. Assist Mode only covers Tsubasa or all players in a team.

Which character are you excited to try first?

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