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Call of the Sea developer, Out of the Blue, recently released a new update that fixed some general issues and also made major UI changes. In gameplay, the update fixed the issue where the user gets stuck while loading a manual save in progress during the ending of chapter six.

The UI received upgrades with the pause menu having new features like load game, select chapter, and exit game. The developers have also added a dedicated gamepad button and keyboard key to enable profile swapping in the main menu. Check out the patch details below:


General Gameplay

  • Fixed collision entering the rising platforms puzzle in Chapter 6.
  • Fixed wrong frequency in Journal when pressing the 267 key.
  • Fixed bug when loading a save file created just after entering the tunnel to the drum puzzle in Chapter 4.
  • Fixed user gets stuck when loading a manual save while choosing an ending in Chapter 6.
  • Fixed missing element Chapter 6 temple entrance.
  • Fixed visible landscape edge in Chapter 6 temple hall.
  • Fixed seaweed inside rock/sand in Chapter 6 temple pools.

Menu & UI

  • Fixed epileptic warning label localization.
  • Split game menu settings into two, text language and accessibility.
  • Added accessibility setting to display journal handwritten font.
  • Added start screen after splash screens on PC platforms.
  • Added load game, select chapter, and exit game options in the pause menu.
  • Fixed D-pad response on user pop-up confirmations.
  • Improved journal saves last page player has seen.
  • Fixed some audios FX on the user interface.
  • Fixed missed journal log entry on Chapter 1 Bridge Puzzle.
  • Fixed empty page journal navigation.
  • Fixed PlayStation UI icons when the user inspects objects.
  • Added a gamepad button and a keyboard key to swap profiles in the main menu.
  • Fixed audio menu music turns off when the user returns to the game.

Art & Visual FX

  • Removed Norah's gloves after the throne scene.
  • Added Dagon image to the Underwater City End.
  • Added plants to hide Norah’s Inscription in the End’s White Beach version.

Voice & Narrative

  • Fixed Journal error in Spanish: the date of arrival on the Island corrected from 3 to 6.

You can read more about the update here.

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