Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide - Let's Talk About Weapon Blueprints

Learn more about blueprints.
Learn more about blueprints. Ubisoft

If you've already played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, chances are at some point you may have noticed something called a weapon blueprint. You've probably seen this when loading into multiplayer matches. If you've been wondering what these blueprints are all about then you're in luck. In today's guide we give you the rundown on what blueprints are, and what they bring to Modern Warfare.

Let’s start with the basic question of what is a weapon blueprint? In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a weapon blueprint is a variant of a base weapon. One important thing you’ll notice is that their names are different from the base version. For example, the base could be called something like the Model 680, but its blueprint is instead named the 1337 Skeet.

It’s not just the name, as there are also some cosmetic differences between the two weapons. Some may even come already having attachments pre-equipped. The blueprint gives you the attachments without the need to level up your weapon. This means you can already use some attachments before you actually reach the level that you could have made use of them. However, you can still earn weapon attachments the usual way and can swap or add them to the weapon blueprints.

This makes the main advantage of a weapon blueprint the fact that it can offer attachments that you may not have yet, but can still earn once you reach the needed level.

So the question is how do you equip a weapon blueprint? Well, all you need to do is go to the Loadout menu. Just go to either the primary weapon or secondary weapons slots and choose the weapon you want. After that, look for the “Armory” button. This should be located to the right of the base weapon.

Once you press the button, you’re going to be shown all the weapon blueprints for that particular weapon. You can then add or remove any attachments similar to how you do it with the Gunsmith button in the Loadouts menu.

Now that we have that out of the way, how do you earn weapon blueprints? When you bought your copy of Modern Warfare there should already be some blueprints available. To check, just go to the weapons tab and then enter the Armory section to see all the weapon blueprints you currently own.

Additionally, if you were part of the Modern Warfare Beta, you should have the Hammer shotgun blueprint. If you bought a digital copy then you should also have the XRK weapons pack, which includes the XRK M4 and XRK .357. For those who bought the Call of Duty Endowment Defender Pack, which sadly is no longer available, they should have the Defender .357 revolver blueprint.

What if you’re new to the game? Don’t worry, as there are other ways to earn weapon blueprints. For example, if you complete the Boot Camp Multiplayer Mission set you should be able to get the Piercer submachine gun. Just to review, missions can be accessed through the Missions & Challenges section in the Barracks Menu.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is all set to release more ways to get weapon blueprints in the future. Before that, head on over to your Armory and see what you already have.

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