Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Guide - Take Charge Of The Lair

Take advantage of the Lair.
Take advantage of the Lair. Treyarch

The new Operation Dark Divide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now out on all platforms. The new operation also introduces two new maps to the game, which are Lair and Launch.

In today's guide, we help you get a better view on Lair and how to make the best of the map.


The Lair is what you would expect the likes of Dr. Evil to base their operations in. It is a hideout and a weapons facility that has been built near a volcano. Like any villain hideout, it has a superweapon and in this case it is a deadly laser.

In the game mode, the two teams spawn outdoors on the beach on either the east or west of the main entrance. There are different ways for players enter the Lair, such as the waterway which leads directly to the center pool. Inside the Lair are multiple rooms where fights can take place. There is also a control deck which overlooks the central area. This can only be accessed through two elevators which are found on the north side.

General Strategy

The inside of this map is a continuous circular lane around the death laser. There are also additional rooms where players can duck in and out of as well as mix up their gameplay. This highly unique layout gives players opportunities to have continuous engagements, tactical play, and strategies to employ in order to get the upper hand. Always be on the move and be sure to have Quickdraw to snap on opponents. Stay alert for any sharpshooters above you. Further, the rooms around the death laser pool are tight enough to allow for close-range gunfights, especially when it comes to the northern elevator bay rooms.

Overall the map offers players a wide range of engagement opportunities. There is even the chance to have underwater combat if the situation calls for it.

Tips and Tricks

In objective game modes like Domination, the control room is likely going to be the center of attention. This is because it offers a good position considering that it is located in the middle of the map. However, because of the way it is placed, the control room has two chokepoints which are the elevators.

If you're already in the control room then the best option would be to lock up the elevators. A good way is to position your team just outside the control room since it allows you or any teammate to keep a lookout on the elevator.

What if you're on the offense side? Well, taking the elevator is clearly not a good option. If you look at the control tower, you'll notice that there are three large frames but only the central frame has protective glass shielding. This is means you can throw a grenade or two into the control room using either the left or right glass frames. You can even use the same two frames to grapple up to the control room.

Remember, this is a team game. Make sure to take it up with your teammates whatever it is you are planning in order for you to win on this map. Go out and have fun.

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