Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide - Let's Break Down Player Progression

Learn more about the player progression.
Learn more about the player progression. Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is preparring to launch next week. The game is going to be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Now's the time to learn everything we can before release. For instance Modern Warfare offers a new progression system that gives players a constant stream of rewards while ensuring that the pride and satisfaction that comes with ranking up is still there.

If you're ready, then let's begin.

Rank Up

First let's talk about ranking up and how to gain XP. In order to gain XP through normal gameplay, you need to complete:

  • Multiplayer Matches
  • Special Ops Operations
  • Missions
  • Daily Challenges
    • These are short objectives that can usually be completed within a play session.
  • Challenge Missions
    • These are multi-step objectives that can result in other rewards.
  • Camo Challenges
    • These challenges not only offer XP boosts, but also lets you unlock variations of base weapon camos.

Enlisted Ranks

Let's take a closer look at the multiplayer modes. Whether you rank up in Multiplayer, or even in Special Ops, you start in the Enlisted Ranks as Private (Level 1). With this you get to choose between three default loadouts along with a limited number of Field Upgrades and Killstreaks.

When you unlock Enlisted Ranks, you are likely going to have a sense of deja vu. This is because this progression path is the same as the traditional Call of Duty path. As you get XP through normal gameplay you start to climb through the Enlisted Ranks.

After you unlock two more default loadouts within the first two rank ups, this lets you reach Enlisted Rank: Private IV (rank 4). Getting this rank allows you access to the Loadout menu where you can create a custom loadout. Then starting from Enlisted Rank 4, you can gain experience and move to Rank 55, which is Command Sergeant Major V. As you climb higher in rank, you unlock new weapons, equipment, and even perks for your loadouts. You can also unlock new Field Upgrades and Killstreaks.

Officer Ranks

Under the new Progression System the Enlisted Ranks of a player are never reset and never have their functional items re-locked. Players now progress to the new Officer Rank system. Thus, instead of resetting a player's Enlisted Rank, the game introduces Officer Ranks. When players reached Officer Rank 1, they receive a cosmetic Weapon Blueprint as a reward for their promotion.

Going up in rank is the same as in Officer Ranks. Meaning players need to earn XP. Just to reiterate, players can reach Officer Rank 1 only after completing the 55 Enlisted Ranks.

In Officer Ranks, as players level up, they unlock a special Officer Challenge. These are like the Daily Challenges and completing them not only rewards XP, but also gives out a special Seasonal Ribbon. Players who get 10 ribbons get a special Season Emblem and each additional 10 ribbons evolves that emblem. Players who manage to collect 100 Ribbons unlock the animated Emblem which is proof that you have attained the ultimate achievement for that season. Once you reach the maximum officer rank, expect to get another cosmetic Weapon Blueprint.

The importance of ranking accomplishments is that it highlights a player's dedication and talent with Modern Warfare. These milestones are properly memorialized through any Officer Rank, Officer Challenge Ribbon, or the Seasonal Emblem permanently recorded in the game. If you get left behind, don't worry too much because just before each new season starts, the Officer Rank is reset so everyone starts the new season on the same playing field.

What do you think? Do you like this new progression system?

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