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Activision is on a roll when it comes to its Call of Duty franchise. It was not long ago that Call of Duty: Mobile had an update that comes with huge weapon balance changes. Now, fans can expect more as the company is thinking of adding Clan Wars into the mix.

A game is always best enjoyed with your friends and family. When you play Call of Duty, sure, you can go solo and rack up the kills by yourself. However, there is something special about playing with those who are close to you.

If you have more than five people who you want to play with, there is some good news for you with the upcoming clan wars.

According to a recent tweet, the Clan Wars feature is planned to come out very soon. Since Season 4 is wrapping up, this new feature will likely be implemented on or before Season 5.

What Are Clan Wars?

A clan is essentially a big group of people with a common lineage, but in games, a clan has a common goal instead. That said, for you to participate in the new game mode, you must first create your own clan. As to how many players are needed to establish one is still unknown at the time of writing.

The main objective of clan wars is to capture as many enemy nodes as possible. Each of these nodes will have certain objectives that you and your clanmates must accomplish. So, having a good strategy can help bring you closer to victory.

Now, think of this new game mode as a mini seasonal ladder. Depending on your win/loss ratio, you could be matched with enemy teams that have a similar rank to yours.

But what are you fighting for? What rewards can you expect when participating in the upcoming game mode? You and your team can accumulate clan points and currency usable to buy special items, characters, and more. We will have to wait for an official announcement regarding the loot pool, though seeing how many people could potentially join, you can expect really good rewards.

Expect more information about Clan Wars in the days leading up to the new season. What do you think of the introduction of this game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile?

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