Call Of Duty Mobile Getting Modern Warfare's Pine Map In Season 10

COD Mobile Pine Map
COD Mobile Pine Map Dot eSports

Call of Duty Mobile fans should already know that the game will be getting Modern Warfare 2's Terminal map sometime in the future. However, before Terminal arrives to the game it seems that fans will first be getting a Gunfight Pine map from Modern Warfare.

Pine is a small scale map set in a forest environment and it is designed to encourage close combat gunfights. The map is famously known for the 2v2 Gunfight mode in the Modern Warfare reboot. Since Call of Duty Mobile received Gunfight mode, players have been requesting for more maps and now it seems that TiMi Studios is ready to answer these requests.

When Gunfight mode launched in Call of Duty Mobile, it came with a single Gulag showers map from Modern Warfare. While Pine itself is a small scale map, it is still a little bit bigger than Gulag and offers more room to move around and longer sightlines to play with.

Call of Duty Mobile's massive success largely relies on its recreation of fan-favorite maps like Crash, Crossfire, Shipment, and more. When it comes to Gunfight mode, we think that the game will stick to the same approach. Having said that, fans can expect more Gunfight maps to be ported to Call of Duty Mobile from Modern Warfare in the future.

Now, we aren't sure if Call of Duty Mobile will also be getting the Gunfight tournament, which pits multiple teams against each other and only one team comes out on the top. We'll have to wait and see if this mode is included in a future update.

On a similar note, Activision also dropped a new multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War earlier today. The trailer showed off several maps set in various regions around the world. Fans also got a glimpse at the weapons they will be using in the upcoming shooter. Additionally, the trailer also announced the open beta dates for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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