Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Rolls Out Black Market Revamp

The Black Market revamp is here.
The Black Market revamp is here. Treyarch

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 officially rolled out its new Black Market revamp. With this, players should be able to get a direct path to earn new weapons through gameplay.

With this change, players should be able to see the following when they visit Blackjack's Shop:

  • Pick-a-Weapon Bribe
    • Players can trade in 50 Reserve Cases in order to unlock a weapon of their choice from a Crate that also includes two Reserve items, as well as a bonus of five Duplicate-Protected Crates for 15 additional Reserve items.
    • Players can choose from a range of base weapons, Mastercrafts, MKII weapons, Signature Weapons, and even the new MicroMG 9mm SMG or the melee weapon Eye of Apophis.
    • This bundle is expected to refresh on a regular basis.
  • Reserves Stack
    • This new rotating offer displays a Reserve item for players that they don't currently own.
    • It can be unlocked by trading in two Reserve Cases.
    • With the Reserves Stack, players are going to be able to see Reserve items before acquiring them.
    • This offer refreshes to reveal a new item on a regular basis and refreshes instantly after acquiring the current item on display.
  • My Deals
    • Two new rotating offers can now be unlocked with Reserve Cases and always showcase items that players don’t currently own.
    • Like the Reserves Stack, these also refresh on a regular basis, or even instantly, after the current item on display has been acquired.

This change to the Black Market was released alongside other updates. Players on the PC and Xbox One also get the chance to earn a new collection of Black Market rewards. These include the amulet weapon known as Eye of Apophis and the MicroMG 9mm SMG. Players also get to earn the Pentagon Thief Blackout character. Additionally, there are a lot of new offers including Reactive Camos, weapon camos, outfits, Death Effects, and Weapon Charms.

Players should also be happy to know that the new update fixes that pesky bug which had prevented certain Weapon Charms and Death Effects from staying equipped after a match. Given that this was a rather difficult problem to nail down, Treyarch told players to provide feedback if they continue to face this issue after the update.

You can view the other updates that arrived with the Black Market revamp here.

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