Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update 1.25 Brings New Changes

Latest update is released.
Latest update is released. Treyarch

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 released update 1.25 today, which brings a number of changes to the game. In Multiplayer, Nuketown is now a permanent 24/7 playlist in the Featured Playlist category. Blackout has introduced the LTM Moshpits while Zombies has new additions on PlayStation 4.


As mentioned, Nuketown is now permanently in the Featured Playlist and is going to be the Nuketown you want, whenever you want.

Today's update also adds the weekly 2XP playlist to the showcased Featured Playlists, allowing players to rank up twice as fast. Players can expect to see more 2XP Featured Playlists that include 2XP Stockpile, 2XP Capture the Flag, and 2XP Prop Hunt.

For weapon tuning, it's good news for those who love assault rifles. The burst fire speed and maximum damage of the Echohawk Dual Bore has been increased. Its recoil pattern has also been improved to allow for better control. Maximum damage for the AN-94 has been increased as well.

The update also makes tuning adjustments to the Scythe. While the damage output is still the same, the duration has been lowered to 30 seconds from 40 seconds. The ammo count has been reduced as well from 150 to 100.


Starting today, there's going to be something different with Blackout matchmaking as LTM Moshpits are introduced. With this, players should get the chance to play a wider variety of Blackout modes while ensuring that wait times are kept low. This rotating playlist offers up to four limited-time modes each week, with a five-week schedule including two Quads Moshpits, a Solo Moshpit, Duos Moshpit, and Redeploy Moshpit. This week's Quads Moshpit features:

  • Heavy Metal Heroes
  • Ground War
  • Ambush
  • Down But Not Out


There are a lot of gameplay improvements and bug fixes that arrive for Zombies with today's update. Players should be happy to know that the dreaded “June 144 Major Overlord” outro cutscene error has been fixed. This latest update also introduced a new Gauntlet for PS4 players to master in "An Ice Day in Hell."

Update 1.25 restores “The Numbers” for Zero players who’ve previously unlocked the outfit for use in Multiplayer and Blackout as well. In addition, the team at Treyarch said that they originally believed they would be able to have a fix in place for an issue that prevents certain Weapon Charms and Death Effects from staying equipped after a match. However, they are still finalizing the solution for an upcoming update.

You can view all of the changes that arrived with Update 1.25 here.

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