Bus Simulator 21: Update 2.17 Improves Bus Customization and License Plate Editor

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Developers of Bus Simulator 21 released Update 2.17, which improves the customization of all buses of a particular type at once. Improvements to the license plate editor have also been included.

In the license plate editor, you can now put four letters and numbers in the last position of a British license plate. Furthermore, if you are using a gamepad, the issue where you could get stuck in the UI when editing a Japanese license plate has been resolved.

Another notable feature in Update 2.17 is that you can now customize the route colors. You can now choose your favorite color for the routes that you usually go to, making them shine a lot more than the others.

For gameplay improvements, the steering wheel buttons that you’ve bound to certain actions are now shown in the interaction overview, once you zoom into the cockpit. Also, the district names are now only visible on the map menu screen. This means that you’ll no longer see them on the mini-map, thus presenting you with a decluttered interface.

Patch Highlights

  • Customization of select parts of a bus at once
  • PC-only
    • Fixed Mission 1 crash when starting a new company in hardcore mode
    • Selecting a modded decal also changes the next decal
    • Fixed gamepad bug in Driver Profile menu when creating a new company
    • The steering wheel buttons assigned to actions are now shown in the interaction overview when the cockpit zoom is active
  • Mission 33 “Fun for all”: Fixed that passengers weren’t counting for subgoal deliver passengers to the Pier [PC/PS4]
  • Seaside Valley: Fixed pedestrians walking on cars in Astra Park [PC/PS4/X1]
  • Removed bus lane in Millbrook area, where cars were ignoring the lane [PC/PS4/X1]
  • Mercedes-Benz Citaro G: Adjusted physics to stabilize the bus and prevent flipping
  • Volvo 7900: Added ignition key
  • Volvo 7900: Added speed limiter button
  • MAN Lion’s City 18C: Cockpit lights are now working as intended
  • Mercedes-Benz interiors: Enabled further customization options for Mercedes-Benz buses, which previously weren’t assigned to Citaro (O530), eCitaro and eCitaro articulated buses. Now all Mercedes-Benz buses have the same interior options (eCitaros having one extra) [PC/PS4/X1]
  • Russian license plates can be customized on PS4
  • French license plates fixed (00 is now customizable, place where the area sticker would be, is now occupied with BS21 logo)
  • Better names for the license plates in the customization view

Bus Simulator 21 Update 2.17 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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