Bus Simulator 21: Update 2.16 Adds Customizable License Plates and Network Profiles

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Bus Simulator 21 is all about giving you the experience of being a bus driver in the busy streets of America and Europe. That said, you probably wanted to put your own custom license plate on the bus for quite some time now. Well, that is actually one of the many new features in Update 2.16.

Customizable license plates are now available in the bus customization menu. Whether you want to put something quirky or fun on the license plate is entirely up to you.

Network profiles have also been added. This simply allows you to create profiles where you can impose bandwidth limits for the game. This is great if you do not want Bus Simulator 21 hogging up all of your bandwidth.

Additionally, you’ll now see a red or orange icon at the bottom of the screen to tell you if your ping is higher than the optimal limit.

There’s also some good news for PC users and proud owners of the Steam Deck. The developers have added support for Steam on-screen keyboard. In its current state, it can only be accessed in Big Picture Mode or on Valve’s portable gaming console. Hopefully, this feature will be enabled on other platforms as well.

Patch Notes

  • Non-Player Vehicles AI: Cars stopping for no reason (idling for 2 to 3 minutes) improved
  • Increased size of chatter subtitles
  • Improved the highlighting of the passengers for inspection or ticket collection
  • Bus now properly reacts to analog throttle and brake input when playing with a controller
  • Fixed Mission "Gotta go fast" and "Perfection" not being progressed when requirements are met (route through all districts, level up all bus stops and districts)
  • Buses: Fixed missing safety hammers and signs after the last update
  • Mercedes-Benz eCitaro: Fixed missing setup (black mirrors, no lights)
  • IVECO BUS Urbanway Articulated: Removed some seat points, to reduce clipping of passengers
  • Additional fixes for traffic lights of the Seaside Valley map.
  • No driving possible when time-warping: While time-warping you can't drive.
  • Game no longer freezes when spamming the dealership UI pop.
  • The game no longer crashes when you drive routes that contain more than 127 bus stops.
  • The game no longer crashes when a bus is placed at a dead end and the NPC driver can't find home
  • Miras voice line no longer loops indefinitely on Mission "New And Shiny" when multiple players try to buy/drive a bus.
  • Buses now spawn correctly and not inside the pole when fast traveling to the Paint Paradise
  • Fixed that the leave bus UI was only a pink text instead of the controller icon when using a controller (bottom left of the HUD, should show a "C" when using keyboard and Dpad right if using a controller)

Bus Simulator 21 Update 2.16 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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