Bus Simulator 21 Is Pulling Into A 2021 Release Station

It's time for a whole new experience.
It's time for a whole new experience. Astragon Entertainment

Bus Simulator 21 is all set to drive its way to a 2021 release. The game offers an open world that’s set in the US and includes new bus brands along with new bus models. There’s also going to be new features that are sure to make the life of any aspiring bus driver more comfortable.

Serving as a sequel to Bus Simulator 18, the 2021 version is going to be the most comprehensive game in the series. For example, there’s going to be a number of officially licensed and faithfully modelled buses by well-known manufacturers like Alexander Dennis. For a first in the series as well, Bus Simulator 21 is going to introduce electric buses and double decker buses.

In a blog post, Astragon Entertainment Senior Marketing Manager Gennaro Grippo said that in evaluating the feedback of the previous game, many players said they want to be able to drive a double decker. Thus, Grippo related that “introducing a double decker was the next logical step to realize our vision of delivering the most comprehensive and modern bus fleet in the series.” To make this happen, Grippo added that they partnered with Alexander Dennis in order to introduce the Enviro500 to the game.

There was challenge in adding this type of bus to Bus Simulator 21. Grippo shared that for one, there was a need to create new character animations like, among others, walking upstairs or moving around the bus while driving. It was also important to keep track of the game world like the height of bridges.

While the previous game had a more European setting, this new one made use of California, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area, as inspiration.

It’s not just a new location as Bus Simulator 21 also expands the core gameplay. Players can now trigger so-called paydays, adjust waiting times, or even focus on peak times. This latest version of the series also now offers the chance for players to take over NPC buses.

Other changes included having a larger map and giving players more chances to interact with the game world. For example, when buying buses, it can no longer be done exclusively through a menu. This time around players need to travel to the bus dealer, get the chance to try different bus models, and then choose which one to add to the fleet.

There’s no question that Bus Simulator 21 is going to deliver the most extensive bus driving experience ever.

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