Bug Fables Gets A New Trailer For BitSummit 7 Spirits

Fans of the Paper Mario aesthetic should not miss this one.
Paper Mario-like title Bug Fables gets a new trailer, title set for release later this year.
Paper Mario-like title Bug Fables gets a new trailer, title set for release later this year. Moonsprout Games

The turn-based role-playing game Bug Fables, modeled much like the loved Paper Mario Series, has released a new trailer.

Bug Fables is developed by Moonsprout Games and will be published by Dangen Entertainment. The title gathered $24,690 in total from 627 backers through Indiegogo. This amount surpassed their original goal of $20,000. You can check out the demo of the game in its official page.

The story of Bug Fables revolves around the small, yet wealthy, continent of Bugaria. All the insects from around the world visit Bugaria to look for treasures hidden somewhere on the continent. Vi, Kabbu, and Leif, the Ant Queen’s approved exploration team, embark on a journey to look for the relic everyone has been looking for, The Everlasting Sapling. This sapling is said to be something so powerful that eating even just one of its leaves can grant immortality. The exploration team will pass through different kinds of environments in search for this relic. They need to strengthen their teamwork to clear puzzles, bring down foes, and help the population of bugs.

Bug Fables will have a total of six chapters that follow the journey of Vi, Kabbu, and Leif all throughout Bugaria. There are many kinds of environments, including: The Ant Kingdom, The Snakemouth Den, The Golden Hills, The Lost Sands, and The Bee Kingdom. Combat is turn-based, and players can use Vi’s beemerang to attack, Kabbu’s horn to cut down obstacles, and Leif’s freeze ability. There is also an action command that can put more impact on your attacks and protect yourself from enemies. A cooking system is also available that will change ingredients into powerful items that you can use in combat. You can listen in on your party communicating through the tattle system as they find all the hidden treasures Bugaria has.

The game will be released sometime this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. For those of you attending the BitSummit 7 Spirits conference in Japan, Bug Fables will be up for display there, so check it out. Are you thrilled to see this game on your consoles and PC in the near future? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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